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        About Us
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          Product:Soybean Milk

          Country: Y.jpg  Vietnam



        "We are from QUANG NGAI SUGAR JOINT STOCK COMPANY ,Vinasoy is one of our company and is a recognized leader in soy-based nutritional products in Vietnam.We have explored China's market for many years ,and always  looked for distributors for our Fami soymilk,but lack of experience and resource,so it develops so slowly,specially during this coronavirus pandemic. So we choose Dacang China as our partner to help us promote brands in China and look for our possible buyers.They promote our brand in www.importfood.net  and recommend high quality possible buyers to us.And now we have cooperated with Shengzhen and Fujian Distributors .We are satisfied with DACANG China's service. We

        connected with the possible buyers and closed deal quite quickly with their help."



         Product:Wine Productslogo-Castillo de Palomares.jpg


         Country:  未命名-1.jpg  Spain



        We,Bodega García de la Rosa,is the vineyard and winery located in Noblejas, northwest of Toledo (Spain).We cooperate with Dacang China to look for Chinese distributors. In the coronavirus pandemic period, Dacang China continues to help us promote our brands.And recently they recommend Yiwu OpartsImp&Exp and we closed a deal quite easily.That' s what we expected from them.




          Product:Milk Products

          Country: QQ圖片20181106102653.png  Poland




        "Our milk products has been sold in China for several yeas,but just online and always looking for distributors who has shop channels but no result,so we choose to Dacang China,they offer us some professional advices in market,price and package and get the orders from Shanghai and Shangdong. "






          Product:Global Products

          Country: image.png  Canada



        "We are a distributor in Canada,and offering global products,especially European and America food products ,in 2011,we start to explore China's market,but lack of experience and resource, Dacang China offers us lots of professional advices,nowadays we have got the high-quality-buyers around China from here,and has exported snack food,water,beer,chocolate······We appreciate your service and effort and hope more opportunities will come. "







          Country: 未命名-4.jpg  Malaysia




        "We are are from Malaysia ,a confectionery factory.Before we cooperated with Dacang,becoming the member of  www.importfood.net, we have exported our own brand to  China,but look for more opportunities.With the help of Dacang,we have cooperated with our Shanghai partner successfully then offering OEM services for their brands.Nowadays,our products have been sold around China."








           Country: 未命名-6.jpg  Denmark




        "The Royal Dansk brand was established in 1966 where a range of crisp, delicious and luxury products were born. In 2014,we choose to cooperate with Dacang and offer market strategy and resource for our new products.Nowadays our cookies have exported to Beijing and Guangdong and develop well,we are satisfied with their effort and time ."





        未命名-6.jpg  Product:Dried Fruits&Vegetables


           Country Y.jpg  Vietnam



        "Chambawa “SABAVA” brand was born in 2006, and has been committee to the manufacturing of the dried Fruits and Vegetables.In order to build our brand fastly,in 2013,we choose Dacang as our reliable partner to build our new e-commerce platform for sales.Different from other service companies,Dacang has an experienced team and their own B2B platform,www.importfood.net,are able to bring us more business opportunities."

        未命名-4.jpg   Product:Mineral water


           Country 未命名-5.jpg  New Zealand



        "Aqua Naida is a New Zealand mineral water company specializing in bulk shipment of NZ Water.In 2011,our company is planning to explore China's market .When we worry how to do this,Dacang Team gives us some professional advices and makes the market strategy for us.On  April 27th,2011,we go with Dacang Team and attend The 4th China High-end Water and Tea Procurement Fair 2011 held in Shanghai .And we are very satified with their effort,because they help us promote product information and our activities through www.importfood.net before we come to China,which attracts more high-quality buyers to discuss cooperation in Shanghai."




        未命名-9.jpg  Product:Olive Oil


           Country 未命名-1.jpg  Spain



        "We,Sinocomercial Improt Exprot S.L, is a company that distrubting and exporting olive oil and wine in Spain.In 2012,because we lack of experience in China's market,we find www.importfood.net online and become their VIP Membership.To our surprise,they take less than one month to find my first buyer,Harbin Derunlong Trading Co., Ltd.then export our olive oil to China successfully."




        1.jpg   Product:Chocolate


           Country 未命名-4.jpg  Belgian



        "The brand EMOTI is proud to go in the footsteps of the best tradition of Belgian chocolate and willingly accepts the obligation to meet standards of the highest quality of all products in our portfolio.Dacang Team helps our company do SWOT analysis in marketing of China and also match our right partner,Hangzhou SUNNY JUMBO Trading Co., Ltd. so that Chinese people can enjoy our delicious chocolate."



        未命名-2.jpg   Product:Cookie


           Country 未命名-4.jpg  Malaysia


        "Engkong is the brand of butter cookies ,made in Malaysia.It is a new brand in China,so our company choose to cooperate with Dacang Team,and they make the strategy for our brand.Via www.importfood.net  and Chinese new media(eg. Weibo),more and more Chinese distributors and people know it,which brings us more opportunities and sales."



        L.jpg   Product:Provencal specialties


           Country 1.jpg  France


        "Le Temps Des Mets is a company,offering Provencal Specialties,including Flavored Vinegar,Foie Gras.We have tried to contact with  many Chinese importers online but failed.At last,We decided to cooperate with Dacang Team ,their anaylysis is very professional and helpful,because it bring us less risk and investment in China's market.'



        未命名-4.jpg   Date2011.04.26-2011.04.29 (Y.M.D)

           Event Korea SEOUL FOOD


        In 2011,Dacang Team and SEOUL FOOD cooperate together and organize Chinese delegations (food importers ) to purchase Korea food in the fair.



         未命名-4.jpg  Date:2019.06.26-2019.06.28 (Y.M.D)

           Event: China (Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition & Import Food Exhibition 


        On June 26th,2019,Dacang Team organize Chinese delegation(food distributors and importers ) to China (Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition & Import Food Exhibition (IFE China) ,which is held on 26-28 June in Guangzhou,as an industrial base and import and export hub for food business.



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