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Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing

So ya wanna save the world……

Well, we’re definitely living in a world that needs saving…..but…..the world, our Universal Family members making up this world, aren’t so keen on CHANGE, FEAR has them gripped by the throats, like the big bad wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood”, and though they beg and cry for their salvation, they cling like spiders to the web of imprisoned illusion, they have grown accustomed to.

We ALL KNOW the government is corrupt, the legal system lacks justice, and inequality reigns supreme.

There is no need to hide our faces in shame, or make pretend otherwise, it’s all documented facts, and if it’s not documented loudly enough, it’s spread like wild fire through the masses, via our

Why do people STRUGGLE? by Dr. Robert Anthony

Why are so many of us struggling? Because we have forgotten WHO WE ARE. Who we are is our True and Authentic Self that is always connected and one with Source Energy. On the other hand, who we THINK we are is how we show up in life. If we are struggling we will never […]

Time to say YES to YOU*

Yes, I am! Yes, I can! Time to say Yes to SELF…….to ALL the things you wish and desire to BE for self. Time to let go of doubts, worries, stresses and strains and turn to Trust, Faith and BElief in SELF – there is no other ACTion we can take as powerFull as consciously […]

Kiboshing Cravings

Cravings………ahhhhhhhhh They come unannounced and demand our attention. Whatever you find yourself craving for, if it’s something you KNOW is NOT good for you…..if it’s a craving you KNOW you Will Regret after the fact…… Remember: ALL Cravings are simply a focal point withIN the Mind. When the ‘bad’ craving ‘hits’, find something, ANYthing to […]

The Only Thing that Matters

As Gary Zukav in “The Seat of the Soul” wrote over a decade ago, [and I am summarizing] “the ‘Splintered Personality’ of the individual must BEcome WHOLE……” Neale Donald Walsch herein (below ↡) speaks to the resonating energy frequency of our current reality and how it IS shifting ALL of we into this WHOLEness of […]