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Introduction to Astrological Guidance

WELCOME to the Cosmic TRUTH of YOU….

EVERY thing, from the very earth upon which we dwell, to the plants growing upon it, to the insects, animals, all the way to WE, YOU & ME :) is comprised in its essential form the essence of ALL, by ENERGY!

Even our cosmos’ essence, is ENERGY!
Each of our planets, as the moon rotates around the earth, also, vibrates, pulsates, creating its own rhythmic melody, or waves of energy, that alike our sun, emanates or ripples its waves unto ALL of WE.

We are affected by ALL surrounding energies, some, of course, are a lot stronger, more affecting, than others.
For example, those from a huge body of attracted energy, as are our Universe’s Planets.

When each of us was born unto this Earth School, at the very moment of our personal entrance, there were specific energy waves BEing received by the Earth School, and thus ALL of WE.
BEing born, in that it is our first experience unto the Earth School, has an enormous affect on our evolving BEingnesses, whilst here.

Where the cosmos, planets, stars, are located within every moment, is slightly different and thus has different affects.
When YOU were born, the cosmos was aligned in a very unique manner, and this configuration of the cosmos, is YOUr specific pathway unto this Earth School, it is the pathway by which you arrived here, and represents that which has contributed to the creation of YOU!

Astrological Guidance is your tour guide on this trip to the essence of YOU! Providing all the “inside scoop” about what goes into the SECRET Recipe that is YOU!
You will learn what your greatest strengths are, how to use them and more so, why YOU are HERE to use them!
You will learn where there is opportunity for growth, learning, and transcendence.
You will learn how to BE the BEST YOU, YOU can BE!!

YOUr Astrology Guidance is gently, intuitively, and masterfully gifted through the very loving hands of our Double Goddess, Shamaness WiseMoon, Aline.

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