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Astrological Guidance with Shamaness Intuit Aline Ohannessian

Astrology readings are a prevalent part of our global society. Whether in the East, West, South or North, through newspaper or magazine horoscope tid bits, professional, amateur or personal readings, we are ALL familiar with Astrology.
As with ANY subject, there exist an eclectic variety of interpretations by which Astrological readings are provided, and each wholly dependent upon the person, the Individual so providing.

Here at Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary and her Internet Lotus, Fulfilled Destiny S3, we greet ALL aspects of Life from the Positive. Ours is a Personal Legend of uplifting, assisting, empowering and enlightening.
As such, when receiving an honoured reading from our Shamaness Astrological Intuit, Aline Ohannessian, YOUr pathway is one enlightened with guidance of supreme empowerment in YOUr experience of LIFE. Aline provides guidance to strengthen YOUr understanding of the abilities contained within YOUr natural intrinsic BEingness, and thus empowers YOUr will to make choices for SELF that shall assist YOU to Fulfill YOUr Destiny.

Every choice, experience, situation in life has both positive and negative perspectives, more aptly stated, Gifts of Wisdom and Opportunities to attain Wisdom, as does every Astrological sign, planet, house, position, and corresponding relationship therein. We can focus on the negatives or choose to see the Opportunities we have available to us through the Wisdom that is US. We can focus our attentions unto those aspects of our SELF that are positive, strengthening, and helpful in manifesting a life of our Choosing, learning “how to” make the most of every opportunity provided for further Gifts of Wisdom and thus, a life that is PeaceFull, LOVing, BlissFull and Fulfilled.

Aline has the uncanny ability, her intuitive Gift of Wisdom, to reveal the strengths provided within each of our Astrological influences and how we may best take advantage of these Macrocosmic Gifts of affecting energies.

In recognizing where opportunities for growth, or what some may term “challenges”, within our Astrological Natal Chart Light exist, Aline is able to assist YOU to courageously and confidently face each of these opportunities with an informed, aware resolve, complete with all the skills, talents and gifts YOU are so blessed. Aline’s phenomenal Astrological Guidance will provide YOU the Wisdom to learn, grow, and transcend Positively, any and all such opportunities, and thus Fulfill YOUr Destiny in YOUr Every NOW.

Aline Ohannessian

Aline Ohannessian

Aline has been providing Astrological Guidance since she was a babe herself, it is a talent that came with her, an intrinsic aspect of her BEingness which she shares with ALL,, that they too, may hone the skills of their intrinsic BEingnes and BE the Best “I” in “ME” they can BE.

For YOUr own Personal Astrological Guidance with Aline, you can contact her NOW directly, and reveal ALL the magnificence YOU were blessed by the Macrocosm upon YOUr Gifted arrival here upon our Earth School.

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