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Facebook Weekly enLIGHTenment Journeys 2

Hey hey hey, Positive energies this finds y’ALL LOVing Life today.

A couple of weeks ago we BEgan a collaborative effort for the BEnefit of ALL we call, “Our Weekly enLIGHTenment Journeys” within our Facebook Group, “Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary”.

This is our special GIFT for our BEautiFull Earth Angels whom have graced us their presence and experience of BEingness,therein.

It is COLLABORATIVE in nature as the enLIGHTEnment Guidance, freely provided, is in response to questions from our Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary Earth Angel Group Members, for the BEnefit of ALL, and thus shared with ALL.

 In sharing within our own experiences, questions, concerns, and opening SELF up to publicly ask questions, and receive guidance, WE are in TRUTH, assisting ALL. As we are ALL ONE, each of WE, though walking our own unique pathways in life, are ALL members of the Human Species, ONE Universal Family, reflections of one another, and thus can identify with and BEnefit from the Wisdom shared and received.

We are ONE Family, Nelson Art Gallery

We are ONE Family, Nelson Art Gallery

 We decided in the LIGHT of sharing and expanding awareness for the BEnefit of ALL, YOU too should BE Blessed the BEauty of our Collaborative BEingness, and so……..we bring YOU Week TWO of our Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary’s “Weekly enLIGHTenment Journeys”.



Astrological Zodiac Wheel

Astrological Zodiac Wheel

 Hi Roni ~

 “How do we rise above our astrological imprint.”

I have given intent to do this, activated 12-strand DNA, etc., etc. Having given intent to release myself from my astrological imprinting, I forgot about astrology. But some big event (negative of course, like an injury) will occur and then I’ll go back and look up the aspects and a challenging square or whatever will have occurred during the same period.

 Is there a way to rise above our astrological chart?

 Thank you ~


Dearest Angel,

Thank YOU, Thank YOU for sharing in YOUr experience of BEingness with ALL of WE!

‘Tis quite fantabulous to receive this particular question, as it is in this NOW, that I have BEen creating a new essay/article for one of our blogs,, all about Astrology ~my Starry Soul Sister and Business Partner, Aline Ohannessian is an Astrological Intuit, offering said services through our Wisdom and Wellness Community Lounge, Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary. For any so seeking such Guidance, please feel free to contact Aline directly to set up YOUr own Personal Intuitive WHOLE-istic Astrological Guidance Journey by simply clicking on her name above.Our Astrological Natal Charts are a fantabulous reference for pointing out our strengths, as well as opportunities for growth. They illustrate the precise positions of where each of the planets were located at the exact time of our Gifted entrance unto our Earth School.

Each of the planets has their own energy vibration or frequency, as DOes EVERYTHING. Depending upon their location with respect to our Earth School, we are given indication as to the strength of their vibrational frequency upon our own energy constitution, or put in another way, how the planetary energies and our own constitution are specifically aligned at the time of our birth.

It is important to note however, that though the planets do, their energies affect our BEingness, like the moon affecting the emotional balance of so many, it is up to us to decide HOW we shall respond to these energies and their particular impact upon us.

External situations and circumstances are NOT ALLways within our control. We live in a world with 6 billion other individuals each affecting and BEing effected by the Universal energies that BE.

Our Astrological Natal Charts are like maps with varying pathways, showcasing opportunities along our journey where we may, as YOU have indicated, come across seemingly challenging or as we like to say, times of Opportunity, through which we may grow, expand and shine the light on new found KNOWledge, that we are here to so bring forth, for the BEnefit of ALL.

Having said that, when one looks to their chart and finds a “square” aspect, or “opportunity for growth” the manifestation and interpretation thereof are ALLways “up for grabs” depending upon YOU and where YOU are within YOUr personal growth. What YOU may see as negative today, may BE embraced as Positive tomorrow. “Squares” in one’s chart need NOT BE seen as conflict, negative or challenge. Akin to our planet Saturn for example, often times regarded as the grandfather of hard labour, if we alter our perceptual interpretation thereto, we CAN CHOOSE to see the influence of Saturn as opportunities by which we may manifest our intentions through means/ACTions of the greatest ease for our particular BEingness.Also of GREAT importance, is to remember that within each sign, planet, house, aspect, is a plethora of lessons to learn, and thus a range of said growth and personal manifestation thereto. Just like going to school, some of us are just starting out, entering kindergarden, whilst others are busy writing their University dissertations, and still others, providing guidance for the BEnefit of ALL, in the role of professor.

Astrological Sign, Cancer

Astrological Sign, Cancer

For example, let us take a BEing whose Sun Sign is Cancer, ignoring for the moment the influence of ALL their other signs, houses, aspects etc…Let us also say then, that this individual is a “typical” Cancerian. As such, they CAN BE a ‘typical’ “Transcended or Mature Cancerian” OR a “Novice Cancerian”, or anywhere along the spectrum between these two states of BEingness.

BEing as completely GENERAL here as possible, as a “novice” we can expect this BEing to BE hypersensitive, in fact, so much so, they are unable to resist the emotional BEingness of others affecting their own state of BEing- Cancers are KNOWn as the “emotional sponges” of the signs, and more over, have little to no control over their own emotional expressions.We can expect this individual to have major issues concerning their family, home and maternal relationships, as well as taking refuge within the sanctity of their homes for great lengths of time, if not BEing a complete hermit altogether.

On the other hand, this BEing may BE a “transcended or mature” Cancerian, and thus, not only BE able to intuit the emotional state of another but, without BEing personally affected thereby, assist another in transcending through their own emotional states. Further more, one can expect a mature Cancerian to embrace the Greater Whole as “Family”, providing nurturing for the BEnefit of ALL of WE, whilst enJOYing the sanctity of their own home WITH the many members thereof.

Transcendence or Maturity within any sign, is available to ALL, ALLways.

Magnificently, if one looks to any one’s chart, what we often times find is that those areas within which we are ‘novice’ are complimented by ‘mature’ aspects in other areas, assisting within the very make up of our BEingness and thus the transcendence of our SELF to BE the “BEST I in ME” one can BE, for the BEnefit of ALL.

Astute within the Arts of Astrology as I AM, I AM not, mySELF, an Astrology Professional, as is my Starry Soul Sister and business Partner, Astrological Intuit, Aline Ohannessian, whom if YOU will BE so kind to indulge, I have asked to share a few morsels of her Gifts of Wisdom with ALL of WE on the subject:


Aline Ohannessian, WHOLE-istic Astrological Intuit

Aline Ohannessian, WHOLE-istic Astrological Intuit

* Astrology is merely a GUIDE, to assist us in achieving that which is our natural cosmic makeup. We are microcosmic reflections of the macro cosmos. Having said that, Astrology shouldn’t be interpreted as a prediction.
Regarding the “Square Aspects” specifically, the majority of Astrological literature available CHOOSEs to portray “Squares” in a negative manner, however, this is NOT the case. A Square aspect, as well as a “Trine”, “Sextile”, etc….describe a vibrational connection or communication between planets. Thus, two planets vibrating harmoniously or smoothly are shown as a “Trine”, which is where YOU “relish” or take the greatest pleasures within, whereas a “Square” has more bumps or waves within the frequency vibration and therefore offers enormous opportunity for growth. These are not negative aspects, for our Astrological charts do NOT predict NEGATIVE occurrences, we CREATE our own lives. They merely point out where opportunities for growth lie. For some the experience of school was horror, whereas for others, it was the most magnificent times of their lives.

Of course, I am not really sure how it is that you are “going back” to your chart to make the interpretations that you are making, the associations of your physically manifest experiences with those aspects seen within your chart. How are you choosing which planets to look at, which squares to seek, and are you taking into account the varying trines, sextiles, conjunctions, parallels, etc…, not to mention planets locations, houses, relationships, etc…that exist as well, to give you the information, insight and knowledge by which to more smoothly vibrate through the frequencies of the squares?

The MOST IMPORTANT thing I can say on this subject is the CHOICE of INTERPRETATION of one’s Astrological Chart. If YOU are seeking guidance from books, it is very wise to look to many sources from which to garner your information, as again, the interpretation can totally change your perception regarding your chart, and thus affect how you shall receive and respond to the information you are given. Just as importantly, when you seek the guidance of a professional Astrologer, it is imperative that you investigate their personal perspective. It may be necessary to “interview” several Astrologers BEfore finding one that is “appropriate”, uplifting, assisting and enLIGHTening YOU, as opposed to creating greater unnecessary and illusory fears.


Facing our Fears in LOVE

Facing our Fears in LOVE

That being said, it is very important when we are looking at our charts, that we are BEing extremely honest with our SELVes and areas where opportunities for growth exist. Moreover, we must look to areas where we are NOT taking hold of these opportunities for growth, but instead hiding within our fears, or choosing to see outside factors as having power over our choices and the creation of our life.

If you create the square as a negative in your mind, instead of an opportunity for growth, then it will manifest as something negative. Squares do NOT have to manifest as negative. We are completely capable, and have all the tools, means and are given all the opportunities to learn the lessons we are here to learn.

Again, we CREATE our lives. Squares within YOUr life exist to teach us. To “overcome” or “rise above” one’s astrological chart, or the “squares” within it, it is important for one to FACE these squares- the lessons they exist to provide us, as well as to delve into ALL positions within one’s chart, for none exist unto themselves. I would greatly advise going to see an Astrologer, I, of course, am happy to embark upon this journey with you, whom can assist you in uncovering not only your “squares” but how they relate to and can cooperate with all of your other Astrological placements. When we look at our Astrological chart from a WHOLE-istic view point, we are able to assess where within us there exist the tools, knowledge and insights to bring forth, when provided the opportunities that squares provide for us, and, our ever expanding awareness, in our lives.   

 So….to answer your question, YES, YES, YES, YOU CAN “rise above” your astrological chart, by looking within it and using ALL aspects therein, as opposed to focusing merely on one aspect and thus seeing the enormous lessons, opportunities, and guidance available, ALL existing within the Blessing that is YOU.Blessed Light,



Positive energies this has BEen useFull to YOU and ALL! Again, Deep Bows of Gratitude for coming forth and BEing brave enough to ask YOUr question on BEhalf of and for the BEnefit of ALL.

Blessedly BE Sweet Earth Angels,

Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

P.S. If YOU would like the oportunity to ask Roni YOUr own special questions, join us in our Facebook group, Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary, today.

***Members ask their questions every weekend, Saturday and Sunday and Roni sends out a response between Monday – Friday of the following week.***

P.P.S.   If YOU would prefer to journey privately in YOUr OWN PERSONAL enLIGHTenment Guidance adventure with Roni, Get in Touch with her here, RIGHT NOW. YOUr pathway to transcended bliss awaits!

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