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I Call You Self, by Guest Writer, Susan Marie

I call you self

mirrored in an iris
solitary drops
of tears
the dew of morning, fresh
gracing petals
pristine and magnificent

I call you self
standing in baptism
in blessing
naked in purity
no weights nor burdens
as the wind
your voice
speaks volumes of ages
of antiquated species

I call you self
alive in the turbine
the hurricane
the tsunami
the earthquake
the deep rich soil
beneath footpads
in other worlds
times and lives

I call you self
the fresh breeze
that kisses my cheeks
as my head tilts upward
towards skies of cerulean

I call you self
my beloved
for I love self
and self is love
and all of this


is divine
as a dream
as no sleep
as the deep black dark
velvet coat of night
as the rich morning burst
like a palette of desire
the sun
for you, my self

I call you self
for you are alive
and all of this
for you
for the universe
is self
the moons, planets, stars
are an extension
of your heart

all faith, belief, nature
dirt earth, and mineral
roots, and wood
fire and water

the leaves of the tress are your limbs, love
your spirit is self
in this world, this great expanse
this great book of knowing
and not knowing
being and not being
laughing and crying
loving and letting go

in this immense skyscrape
where all of us are as pixels
mere dots on a screen


do not discount your being
you may be but one feather
on the tip of the wing
of an angels flight
but you are golden

so be happy
be happy self
and awake not with
but with pure joy
for you are self
and this is what I call you
for I am you
my beloved mine

I belong to only you
and my heart whispers poetry
in this hollow place
this beauteous world
this troubled time

come, come and smile, self
do not despair any one confusion
it is easy
it is not difficult
you were born with wings
that beats as thunder
with the volcanic rumbling
of Mother


my love
beloved self

I call you self

© Susan Marie 2013

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