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Spiritual Gangster On The Rise by guest contributing writer, Heidi D.

I finally discovered the “point” . . . and it turned out to be a rounded tip called tenderness.

My name is Heidi D. I am a wonderfully whimsical, wildly enchanting, awesomely radiant extension of divinity! I have chosen to be here for the SOUL purpose of helping to awaken, inspire, guide, and unite Beings of the Light with their highest Truth. I serve as an ambassador of ascension and crystallized dreams, as well as an activist for positive, peaceful, purposeful interplanetary communication. I enjoy celebrating life by basking in the magnificence of the Present Moment! It is my pleasure to share a golden nugget of my Journey with you and as I do so, please feel free to align yourself with new paradigm words or phrases that are intentionally weaved throughout my writing.

I shall begin with one simple question . . .

Are YOU a spiritual gangster? Do you fiercely, fervidly, and intently surf upon the mystical flow of your inner waves? Or do you wait for the world to tell you when and how to ride the current? Do you truly innerstand that when “it” all starts to unravel, that’s usually when the pieces are coming together? You’re either a frequency accelerator (vibrating in love) or a frequency inhibitor (vibrating in fear) – but we are ALL frequency modulators. When you fully grasp the fact that your mental and energetic fields are intertwined like a vibrating play toy, will you turn your setting to LOW and just go through the motions? Or will you shift your setting to HIGH and intend for a full blown soulgasm? You see, YOU control this. And “this” can be the most exhilarating, scenic ride of a lifetime, a romantic, engaging Love Cruise, if you will . . . . or . . . . this can play out like a damaged craft that sinks long before you remember how to swim or fly. Our thoughts create our experience of reality. What we do and what we think affect the WHOLE. (The Earth Whole. The Galactic Whole. And the Universal Whole.)

In a dimension of duality, the ultimate challenge is to completely remember the elements of our essence and embody that which we ARE – come what may. Recently, I surrendered to a powerful cosmic massage and entered into deeper realms of Existence. I observed and participated in future and parallel realities. I retrieved the documents for my divine assignment and chose to accept and embrace the changes that at one point were occurring faster than my body and mind could process. I share my Journey – for now in selective morsels – because the entire pie of Immortality, Infinity, Continuity, Grace, and Free Will is a lot to chew at first bite. But just as the planet was once thought to be flat and just as masses of people once believed certain cultures should be murdered or enslaved . . . . there came a great Awakening, whereby the chaos and destruction of our history transmuted into tools (lessons) which spark the Light of Remembrance. And once the Light penetrates your Memory Field, you shall not be able to revert back to old programming. I know this to be true because I am a renegade! YES! I am a renegade who dipped out of the old paradigm, threw up my deuces to victim consciousness and escapism, and skippety doo daa-ed into my Truth with a pocket full of crystals and a database of lyrical alchemy.

One of my most influential Earth Guides was only 17 years old when he entered my Life. (I was 22.) His authentic character, unconditional love, transparent innocence, beautiful curiosity, and pure confidence is what catapulted our friendship into a spiritual cosmic phenomenon of sorts, beyond anything I could have imagined. He is, to this day, a vibrant and profound exemplification of universal principles utilized brilliantly on behalf of The Family of Light. Granted, many have come after him to test my “blossoming point” and spark my remembrance: Ambassadors of ascension, passionate healers, tantalizing wordsmiths, and spellbinding beings packaged gorgeously on the outside, yet filled with density and intensity that would throw even a trained Olympian off course at the uttering of a mere word. It takes all kinds to serve as our mirrors and teachers. I am truly grateful for them all, and for YOU. We CHOSE each other. And oh, how sweet it is to share this super intentional moment with you.

*Tender Reminder:
There’s no special date, event, or being that is coming forth to define, explain, or manipulate the wonderment of this experience. YOU are the creator and will continue to be, only to the extent that you cellularly comprehend, spiritually honor, and physically embody your own abilities and utilize them for the good of yourself AND others. We are interconnected and there’s no changing that. Either fasten your seat belt . . . or . . . unfasten your wings. The choice is always and forever – YOURS. You are FREE. You have access to infinite intelligence. You are a treasured soul filled with treasures untold. The rainbow lives in you, as does a beautiful spectrum of unimaginable hues. Happiness is encoded in your DNA. Happiness is the key ingredient in the fountain of youth. Happiness is the motivation, the inspiration, the reflection of prime creator’s elation, the catalyst of each beautiful breath flowing in and out, through certainty and doubt, through pain and bliss, happiness is the ultimate magical kiss, a radical everlasting surge of Love’s sweet dessert!

In this moment, can you recall . . . the total perfection of Who You Are?

. . . I extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to co-create what I know will be an increasingly harmonious, enlightening program for all who are tuned in.

Heidi D

*In dedication to every One who care-fully placed golden lamps upon my Path so I would not lose my way or stumble in the dark.

Copyright 2012

Heidi D is a noble goddess, hip hop artist, and LovEvolutionist who can be found skipping merrily into fresh markets, creating & sharing lyrical masterpieces from continent to continent, perusing libraries and metaphysical gatherings, mentoring future leaders, laughing heartily with Loved Ones, distributing hugs in heavily populated areas, and expressing Truth and Imagination from the core of her Soul on a frequent basis.

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    1. John Joseph (Reply) on Mar 17, 2012

      I have had my ups and downs in life yet no truer and happier word have I heard, thanks and have a great time.

    2. Debi Drecksler (Reply) on Mar 18, 2012

      A breathtakingly beautiful creative writing!