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The Light Within by Guest Contributing Author, Anthony Moran


When I say ‘I’ I don’t mean me, it refers to a force inside that connects us as family.
Believe it or not there’s another world inside, Don’t believe those that deceived you and lied.
There is no person between this place and you, Open your mind and you’ll know it’s true.
Step back from you and forget about me, Change your perception and you’ll start to see.

It is ‘I’ that creates through you and ‘I’ that dwells in me.
Those that can’t see it are the ones locked into the false reality.
This system we call civil is wrong and upside down.
They suppress those that matter while someone rich sits wearing a crown.
Cause if they told you the truth and you realized who you are.
The reality they got you locked in would collapse like an imploding star.
They, like you, sat in a dark cave, Projecting pictures upon the wall.
Those that are observing begin to believe that this is all.
They like to keep you focused and keep your perception small.
They don’t want you to realize you’re the grandest and the all.
Those that are observing don’t realize they’re a slave.
They don’t even comprehend they’re a prisoner in a cave.

If one was ever to escape and discover the actual truth.
How would they explain it without any proof.
When they return to the others to reveal what is true,
They probably say a lot but have trouble getting it through.
I can imagine them all excited bouncing on the spot.
Talking about all this amazing truth but they just think he’s lost the plot.
He talks about another world that none of them can see and tries to explain what they’re observing is a false reality.

Is it time for internal fusion of all creatures great and small.
Is it time to reveal the true power that dwells within it all.
Is it time to remove the veil and show you who you are.
Is it time for fusion? the process that powers a star.

This binding energy of all is greater than that of each.
It’s like the core you can’t see, like the core of a peach.
The outer is just flesh but there is something else inside.
The thing that stops you seeing is a mind that won’t look behind.

You see a temple is not a building, it’s our body that’s the home.
What they call a church is the people and not made of stone.
Some people call it a dwelling or the kingdom of the all.
Just try and contemplate for a minute the air that fills a ball.

The mind is like a bridge between this and another world.
Imagine opening an oyster and discovering there’s a pearl.
Is it how they taught your conscience that keeps this world apart.
Is there a key to the entrance located in the heart.
They say to love your neighbor and love your enemy too.
In reality what you’re loving is the essence that’s in you.

It’s those that will deny it that will lie to anyone.
It’s those that will condemn you and make out that they’re the don.
Those that love the power and control over you.
Those that like to keep you caged up in a zoo.
The world you see around you is an illusion of the mind.
All the people in control want to keep you blind.

By, Zen Cartel


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