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The (New) Age of Love

I decided it was fitting to write a piece about the NEW paradigm of relationships (being that it is 2012 – the year of the big powerful pole shift . . . the quantum leap in consciousness . . . evolution at its grandest! . . . AND February was the holiday / holy-day of LOVE – which we’re finally acknowledging is an EVERY DAY occasion). This generation is truly beginning to resonate with what it means to be intimately involved with, and committed to another being, in a way that feels right & ultimately THRIVES.

As I sit here enjoying a bowl of fresh organic greens and sunflower seeds, looking out the window at the neighborhood cat who simply lives to be caressed, I realize that I am indeed in a sacred union with each one of my friends. We are Soul Family, connected at the heart, blessed with mutual innerstanding and organically agreed upon vows to love, respect, appreciate, cherish, uplift, and care for one another. We have spiritually meaningful interactions that heighten our vibrations, enhance our quality of life on a DAILY basis, and increase our propensity to honor our individual & collective magnificence! (((That’s pretty darn awesome, I’d say!!!)))

The NEW paradigm of relationships can be deemed: ‘The return of INNOCENCE!’

If you feel reborn….. If you feel an extraordinary tenderness toward your human family….. It’s because you are remembering why you came here! (((OH THE GLORY as I type these words!))) We ARE the magic, the luminescence, the savory pizazz of the earthly experience!! Mother Earth goes on & on, functioning effortlessly with or without us. But WE (((ohhhh my friends, hear me, feel me….)))) WE are the sugar & spice of this evolutionary recipe! So, join me, as I briefly review the recommended healthy measurements of each ingredient comprising the NEW paradigm of relationships:

* One heaping cup of COMPLETE FREEDOM
Freedom to BE your Highest Self in the presence of your Beloved. . . freedom to live authentically & fearlessly in harmonious co-creation with your Beloved . . . freedom to express your Truth at all times with your Beloved!

* Two pints of pure TRUST, FAITH, & CONFIDENCE in the sacred purpose & flow of the union itself
No longer can we strive to make a square peg fit into a round hole. No longer can we function in relationships burdened by doubt, insecurity, and an aversion to solitude. We are anew every moment. Trust the winds & tides of your heart. Your intuition shall never lead you astray.)\

Two people rising in consciousness is a surefire way to build new worlds, experience multiple soulgasms, and enjoy the godliness in everything – especially each other!

We are swimming in an ocean of ideas. Judgement is a condition of linking things in continuity that do not need to be connected. Address all situations as INDIVIDUAL matters, relevant only to the space/time reality of the moment at hand.

* Sprinkle in a plentiful stream of ROMANCE & WHIMSICAL SPONTANEITY – and WOAH-LAH! You’ll find yourself nibbling on the crust of eternal love until you eventually nestle into the realization that the entire pie is YOURS (guilt free!) and you are being called to devour the endless rich ecstasy of a new paradigm relationship!

The path of least resistance opens us to our “super senses” . . . our “super abilities” . . . (I apply quotation marks around these terms only to emphasize and re-acquaint you with the magnitude of this Truth.) The path of least resistance aligns us with our natural, ascension-driven, multi-dimensional state of being-ness. THIS is freedom. You ARE this! You ARE the Process! A healthy, blissful relationship means you are FREE . . . to BE . . . in LOVE. It is a choice – – To choose the One – – again & again, as you wish, with no obligation, expectation, or demands . . . Only a free-will choice to vacation in the arms of your Beloved for as long as the Universe harmoniously aligns you. For that is all this really is – – – – A vacation. A temporary visit in the physical realm. I encourage you to play and frolic and be WHO YOU ARE, with boundless certainty that your Beloved is coming to you, as we speak. (It is a vibrational inevitability!)

Happy LOVE day, EVERY day! Hug & kiss yourself with sweet passion. Make love to the moment. And enJOY this wonderful wave of consciousness that allows NEW unions to arise in full thrival.

(We only appear separate for now.)

One Love,

~Heidi D


*Heidi D is a hip hop artist & LovEvolutionist who can be found skipping merrily into fresh markets, performing rhythmic masterpieces from continent to continent, perusing libraries & metaphysical expos, mentoring future leaders, laughing heartily with Loved Ones, distributing hugs in heavily populated areas, and expressing Truth & Imagination from the core of her Soul on a frequent basis.

*For further enjoyment, visit: and become excited about her debut album ‘Expressions of Duality’ – being released globally in 2012!

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