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The Way by contributing Angel, Project 5am

Fulfilling future memories
Here I am in the magic hour
I have never seen you so beautiful
Always knew this day would come
Basking into breath-taking sun

The sounds of blue and green
Enriches the sight that I behold
As I’m surrounded by the fields of gold
As I’m surrounded by the fields of gold

Free as a bird
Inspired by the new sights and sounds surrounding
Which is my dome.

Soundscaping time, places,
Capturing dialogue of mysterious faces
My mind to me a kingdom is….

Gone back in time
Galvanizing a yellow spitfire
A journey to the simple
Does eureka just suddenly slap you in the face with a big wet fish
Or does it bedazzle your eyes from the glint of a diamond being unearthed from its tomb of soil?

The stillness ripples waves,
Circular rhythms soothes soul,
Swan of autumn sun
Dancing on blue air,
Leaves plummet to their summit,

Catch me if you can
Twirling into yellow dust

Thought elevates through seasons
Like Kerouac said…”it, came on time”
“First thought, best thought”
“It’s strange to look across the desk and not see you
There but an empty space.”
“Only the soil can recognize the corn”

Moved by the rushing sensation of glee
On the John Coltrane coach riding on the free jazz highway
Within a home is always a home
Found a stone and it told me to smile
Need for speed halted
Zephyr rouses days of yore
Mixed emotions on my new journey.
Rainbows of the night
Seen lightness in a new light
The fool… I’m the fool

Music of dawn
Summer’s answer circles of confusion?
Oneness in nature
Nothing is everything

The stars are beautiful indeed
True faith in abundance
Making the invisible visible

Wow red moon wow
Winds mysterious fingers play leaves like piano keys,
Conducting shimmering shadow play
After midnight…. Before sunrise
The hushing of day into night,
the still of dusk into dawn

Indents invisible, feeling visible
From crushed violet to smooth velvet
I found the I
From seed, to flower, to bloom, to wilt, to rest, to soil, to grow from seed…

Trembling in awe!
Greenhouse heat,
Intense sun,
Put in the corner,

Silent shout heard,
Water fed, understood.
New hour, violet shade
Forgive me
The smell of fresh rain in the evening

Mini eclipse, bird flight into the center of sun.
Darkness, only a fleeting moment.
Making cracks because that’s how the light gets in.

Gentle waves shimmer on boats mirroring the movement of the flock of seagulls soaring in the sky
Blue sky
Purple hue yogis howl while pepper plant pot listens,
Fields of mist, blinding eyes rest heart has new visions,
secret valleys, sundogs where Cecilia
Souls sigh sings….

These are a few of my favorite things.
The timing is truly divine!
Admiring names of the boats at the harbor
Violet sash bestowed on red gold and green heart,
A fusion never to torn apart.

Light runs through fingertips,
Vibrations of the spoken word, how the seed grows
The bluster of night swirls amongst the cluster of stars
I dream of guru.
He asked me if I was ready.
“Yes” I said.
He said “let’s find out how ready you are”.

in the NOWAlarm clock rings.
Spider cast thread searching,
In the great wide open
Dancing, gracefully with autumn breeze…

My new home.
Pulling Up the Roots
A Placid beauty…I like that.
Waking from a dream…ahh!
Wonder is like…. the awe in thirst.
Awareness….clarity reflecting back on to the unknown.
The negative capacity of something you feel and create to see.
En plein air… the river of stars
Raindrops produce different sounds and different tones,
At different times in different places,
But they all come the same spaces.

The yellow book meets the red book… Orange words read trinity.
Keats to the east,
Rumi to the west,
Mountains wow and flutter from within,
Outer mandala caressed by the whirl of wind,
Love…destination is found.

Rail tracks on parallel lines,
Closed my eyes,
Looked into the window the ethereal sun
Shimmered glimpses of red into my night.
Chain dream unlocked by the blue keys play dew sounds drop
Into ocean heading earthbound reflecting on to open skies
The art of when we dive.

Experimenting and freedom to one and all.
You can’t trap essence
If you could then it would no longer
Be called essence.

Mirror reflects the past,
The door welcomes the new…
Inside the sky is always blue….serendipity so so rocks!
Everything falls into place when
Fate welcomes you with open arms.

Break on through matryoshka seals, at morning I wake up to
Sunrise and sunrise I wake up to.
The moon has a rainbow halo
Inspiration, inspire, a dream, a desire.
For eyes can trail the floor but feet can’t reach the stars.

"The Enigma of Balance", by Vivi-Mari

My first memory of stillness:
Sunday afternoon… a portrait of me.
Went back to the beginning to see the future in rhyme
For each note we create is our composition of time
Black canvas today… I am the space I am.

When does a photograph become a memory?
Is it from the instant press of the button?
Is it watching the subject fade away?
Is it the first look from a digital view?
Or could it be the tomorrow after yesterday?

I breathe in
I breathe out,

Oh what a day to BE.
Metamorphose of repetition and revision,
Incite pours from the right incision.
A to B from a floating signifier,
Following the trail like Lester said in the wire.
I’m hi-hatting like Miles Davis on the corner.
Sleeping in clarity,
Heading centre bound,
there you find the sublime because in the core of nothing….
There is something.

On a day like this,
Bluebells grazes caduceus doors,
Jupiter, Venus and Mars,
A naked eye to the sky…
8 mins to become 1.
Morning glories and wild roses…
As the floral clock ticks,
The blue flower opens the doors of dawn.
A flaneur in the streets of London.
1 year
52 weeks
365 days ago,
a last wave musical,

Cherry blossom creative leaves blow of trees,
Traveling through spectrum’s of a skies rainbow,
Splashed with a dash of Miro blue,
Highlighting neon signs when fate hits you right on cue…
Saut dans le vide

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