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‎”The first step to letting go IS to NOT Hold on.” Aline Ohannessian

‎”The first step to letting go IS to NOT Hold on.” Aline Ohannessian

Indeed, letting go of our fears, attachments, addictions, negative habitualized BEhaviours, thoughts, and feelings BEgins with:

1. our recognizing their existence = Awareness and Acceptance

*it is important to note that we do NOT want to at any time in this process judge ourselves, even for those actions, thoughts, feelings that may be “less than” in accord to our perceptual viewpoint, keeping in mind that judgement is different than acknowledgement.  At the end of the day there are things we all wish we had not done.  Instead of judging ourselves, berating or belitting self, we should be using these experiences to learn from, grown from and transcend into where and who we want to be.

2. our detachment from ownership over them = Not Holding On

*this IS the ‘stage’ where we can look at [acknowledge not judge] our fears, negative behaviours, etc…analyze if need be, investigate, contemplate, examine alternate perspectives, choices, and then make new healthy one and thus

3. Consciously CHOOSE a new perspective, thought, feeling, ACTion, state of BEingness from which to base yOUR interpretations of life, yOUR experience of BEingness to ONE that IS based in LOVE. = Letting Go

and thus submering self into the light of LOVE.

Ya need to not hold onto your view point of negativity long enough to at least allow for an alternate perspective to arise and be entertained and thus may the healing process begin.

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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