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~*❤*~ The Lavish Luxury of Bliss that IS LOVE Consciousness ~*❤*~

Lavish Luxury
Enticing Entertainment
deLIGHTFull Adventurous Discoveries
enLIGHTening Party’n
Relaxed Abundantly SuccessFull Flowing
Easily, Infinitely Positively Prosperous Responses & Results
Health, Wellness, Well BEing
Comfort, Ease & JoyFullness
Overflowing, Sweet Sharing
Authentic Relationships
Authentic BEingness
HIGHest Good
HIGHest BEnefit for/of ALL
LOVE Consciousnes

~*❤*~ The Lavish Luxury of Bliss that IS LOVE Consciousness ~*❤*~

My Blissing [one of] to ONE and ALL of We***

What Blissings are YOU consciously pondering upon, infusing yOUR energetic signature with and sending forth for SELF and ALL during this most auspicious blossoming of our reBIRTHing???

*WHO do YOU want to BE?
*What do you want your life to look life? feel like? be like?
*What do you envision your experience of living to be?
*What do you wish for your universal family?
*What – if given the opportunity to ‘start again’ with ALL the KNOWledge and wisdom YOU have NOW as well as ALL that YOU have NOW to assist you so DO, would YOU like to change, improve upon, journey towards, manifest, experience?

NOW IS the time to BE Consciously Pondering here upon and MORE Importantly seeking out in yOUR NOW……where ALL that YOU desire, envision, and require are manifest ALL~ready in yOUR life……….[even the teeny, tiny examples thereof DO count*** Look for them! <o~o>]

Feel it, BE it…….expand there upon……..

And…….once YOU have so DOne……let that ALL go and KNOW simply CHOOSing to BElieve, Trust, and have Faith in YOU BEing LOVE, and in LOVE itSELF IS ALL YOU require to manifest ALL YOU desire. ~*❤*~

Thus the only important thing ANY of us need DO, at any time, ALL~ways IS everything we can to let go of our fear consciousness, negative fear based habits, activities, feelings, etc…. and embrace SELF and ALL as LOVE……BEing LOVE……..ever expanding there upon, withIN, through out…….

Bliss Bliss Bliss
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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Roni has been providing Holistic Life Coaching including Therapy, Fitness Programs/Training and Nutritional Consultation for nearly 18 years. » To arrange your one-on-one session with Roni Click HERE.

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