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We know NOT why we are here, why we are existing through these seemingly limiting experiences to our infinitely divine quintessence…….we are, as with everything that IS, Energy.

Energy IS boundless.  It IS neither born nor dies, it IS Infinite.  Our bodies on the other hand, our lives as we KNOW them to BE withIN this consciousness of physicality IS not infinite and boundless, again as far as we KNOW currently.

Why would that which IS infinite and boundless pARTicipate withIN an existance that IS the very opposite….or is it?

Our mortality rates have BEen increasing every year, 80 is now the new 60 and 60 the new 40……on and on it goes, where it stops nobody knows.

Round and round and round we go, trying to figure it out like a dog chasing its tail and getting no where fast.

What’s the point?
Who’s to KNOW?
Until we DO…….if ever that IS……

Accept that which IS [we are here and we don’t know], and DO that which we are so able to [choose how you are perceiving, receiving and responding to BE that which comes from LOVE], to experience that which we prefer [bliss], that which we enJOY, that which brings us peaceFull HAPPYness [which ALLways come through when we…..]….LOVE SELF. ~*❤*~

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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