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Accepting what is and embracing our fears to move forward into bliss.

Okay 2012 is here and I think for most of we it is undeniable that there IS a lot of shifting happen’n, from the tectonic plates of our Earth School to our very own cellular biorhythms. 

When this happens which IS a GOOD thing…it can bring up ‘not so good things’…..not so good things we may not have the foresight [withIN our current conscious awareness] to understand the whole-istic perspective thereto. 

The point is not whether ‘not so good things’ come up [from feelings, to thoughts to actual situations] so much as HOW we CHOOSE to RESPOND to them.*


**There is no denying it can BE difficult, YES*, when a bad feeling, thought or experience/situation comes up/happens, to choose to see the positive in the situation, to try to find that one bright spot about the feelings, thoughts, and/or situation, the light within the darkness that can be very consuming………..if we Allow it to be.
Ya see, we CAN also CHOOSE to LOOK for the Light.

For example:

1. Someone transcends the physical; in our ‘old english’ we would say “die”.
There is no taking that back…..[at least not to our current KNOWledge. ;D]

Soooo what IS the bright side????

The bright side IS there and we can choose to see it once……we accept what IS. For what IS, IS. [even though infinitely open to interpretation. ;D]

In accepting what IS – which can BE a HUGE step unto itself, [guidance with Roni IS available for those seeking, get in touch via our contact link above] we can then look for the positive, the ‘bright side’ as it were, the ‘glimmer of light in an otherwise dark and heavy place’ and…..

***here’s the really important part***
…..we can ALLOW SELF to linger here in this glimmer of light and as we do....

***here’s the really cool part***
the Light grows. ~*❤*~

**A special note on “accepting what IS”:
It is important, regardless of the situation whether it is someone transcending, becoming ill, losing employment, not meeting a goal/objective, etc….. that we do not get lost in negative judgement and retrospective awareness. There are things we are able to see in retrospect that we could not have foretold apriori. To get lost in the ‘blame game’ does nothing for anyone, especially self. Accepting what is, is also accepting what was. It does not mean that you can not look back and see where a “wrong turn” may have been taken, or where a new pathway may have been forged, however this is for the purposes of making use of the lessons learned, not to berate, belittle or judge.

If we so do, berate, belittle &/or judge that is, we are only inviting the darkness to stay, which does nothing for us but keep us in a spiralling vat of negativity. In order to ‘break free’ thereof, we must make USE of what we have experienced for GOOD, period.

Back to our examples:

2. Negative feelings/thoughts accosting the mind….focusing on worries about the future, regrets about the past, needing to come back to the now…….but the thoughts of Fear are growing ever increasingly with every breath we take.

DO, do, do whatever you are able to, in this state of BEing to look for ANYthing that IS going to uplift you starting with, and I know this may sound counterintuitive to some, however:

Looking directly at the fear, recognizing it IS fear, that you are “stressed”, “anxious”, “worried”, “unsure”, “confused”….[these are yOUR “Signal words” to SELF that YOU have entered into a state of Fear] and have a conversation with your fear:

“What are YOU freaked out about ‘fear’ [stress, anxiety, confusion, doubt……]?”
“What’s going on?”
“What are you afraid of? What are you unsure about? What is it that has you so upset?”
“What is upsetting you?”
“Where in your body are you feeling the upset feeling?”
“What does it make you feel and think about your self? your life? your current situation?”
“According to whose standards are you judging your self, your life and your current situation?”

And then LISTEN.

**ALL this with the focus on finding/coming back to the Light.**

Once you have begun to engage in a conversation with your fear, with yourself ;D you can further investigate towards your goal by asking questions such as:

“IS this about NOW?”
“Is there another way to look at/perceive this situation?”
“What are the lessons/opportunities available for us to learn from this experience, thought &/or feeling?”
“Can we DO something about this?”
“What are some of the things that are going right, that we have done to assist ourselves already?”
“What are our available options?”

When we engage in conversation with our feelings even the ‘dark, dismal’, sometimes ‘scary’ ones’, we change fear from our Enemy into our solution solving ally, realigning our Mind withIN its home, our Heart of unconditional LOVE, and thus from the darkness comes Light.

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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