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All IS Well

“All IS Well.” ~Scott Grace

As we go through our lives with our many varied, colourFull, ONEderFull goals, dreams, aspirations, visions, and find that life may have its own version of those goals, dreams, aspirations and visions which at times may NOT look quite like our own, we have 2 choices….

1 – to get upset and attempt to ‘fight’ what IS….which is kinda an uphill battle as it were……that which IS, well……, simply IS….n’est ce pas?

Yet fight many of us do….getting so upset that we didn’t accomplish this, get that, have this, measure up to our own personal expectations for self and life…….forgetting that anything we can envision may BE made manifest in an INFINITE number of ways most of which we would never have imagined and therefore might even miss when in fact it IS actualized manifest. 😉 hmmmmmmmmmmmmm


2 – to embrace that which IS, with a calm serenity, trusting in the macro cosmic perspective which we in our microcosmic perspective may not understand, let alone envision/see.  Furthermore, not only trusting in that which IS but trusting that, that which IS, IS, based withIN LOVE, IS supporting of SELF – even if what we see in life is NOT what we thought would be or does not seem to be ‘supporting’.  Making the choice to look for that which IS supporting, positive and loving in that which IS, even if it doesn’t seem to BE that which we desire, choosing to trust in the ‘greater/bigger picture’, KNOWing that we know not all – and if it IS, then it must BE supporting, through LOVE for our HIGHest Good and HAPPYness…..a term otherwise known as “Pronoia”, introduced by astrologer Rob Brezsny.

The next course of ACTion from these 2 choices are vastly different and manifest co-creations that are likewise, extremely different experiences for SELF and everyONE else…..

Which choice do you choose?

Keep in mind, YOU CAN change your choice at any moment, even if your entire life has BEen lived from one perspective, YOU CAN CHOOSE to alter that perspective right NOW, as each of we can in any given moment of life.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

Roni has been providing Holistic Life Coaching including Therapy, Fitness Programs/Training and Nutritional Consultation for nearly 18 years. » To arrange your one-on-one session with Roni Click HERE.

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    1. love (Reply) on Sep 7, 2012

      Hello Pat, and thank YOU for sharing your thoughts regarding the writing style incorporated herein.

      I must be honest, I found mySELF reluctant to allow your comment at all, in that its perceptual paradigm is one laden in such blatant negative criticism- as opposed to constructive criticism ;D, alas, I found that it was my ‘fear’ keeping me from allowing your commentary more than the blatant negativity and insult wielded, and thus here we are, conversing with ONE another and I AM BLISSed to BE given this AWEsome opportunity to respond to your commentary, so thank YOU Pat, for sharing your thoughts, feelings and experience whilst journeying through our blog of LOVE’s Light for the BEnefit of ALL.

      I will BEgin with yOUR last comment as it DOes impinge on my ‘lesser emotions’ in so far as it is a direct commentary on my professional career of 20 years as an WHOLE-istic enLIGHTenment GuideLight/Wisdom & Wellness Life Coach/Psychotherapist/Fitness & Nutrition Trainer & Consultant/Spiritual Teacher to say just that…… 😀

      Moving forward regarding your commentary on the capital letters that I make use of in my writing, there IS purpose thereto.
      Yes, it may appear upon the surface to be the writings of one who is immature in their years, as opposed to a professsional woman of 42 years, an experienced ontological literary artist, whole-istic enlightenment guidelight and mother, however, if one were to journey a little further into the writing they would recognize that there is in fact “method to the madness” as it were. 😀 And did I mention how very BLISSed I am that YOU have given me the opportunity to address that method herein. 😀

      I write for ALL……all levels of awareness, understanding, wisdom and consciousness.
      Having said that, most of we have been conditioned regarding our use of language – any language that is, however, as I am an english speaker and writer my focus is upon the english language.

      A huge part of that which we hear about regarding 2012 and our transcending new world has everything to do with the very small shift in our perceptual consciousness from fear to love, from rote automated behaviour to conscious aware behaviour which of course BEgins with Conscious Communication.

      **Keeping in mind of course that “Conscious Communication” involves far more than simply the written language, as there is our verbal and even body language not to mention all other levels of communication we are currently not familiar with, yet participate within daily, we are discussing my choices regarding verbal communication and thus shall I keep the conversation focused there upon. :D**

      By capitalizing certain letters in the words I choose, whilst also changing the spelling of certain words altogether, I am bringing attention to one of our more ‘rote behaviours for communication’ our use of the written language.

      We of course are getting more conscious not only in our use of words but also the tone we use when speaking those words and the very words themselves we are choosing to use to speak, not to mention our body language whilst speaking, where we are looking, etc…. with our communications with one another.

      This childish ‘preteen attitude’ to which you speak is actually a catalyst of change, an avenue of bringing the unconscious to the conscious and for some it is inspirational and deeply affecting whilst for others it can be experienced as an irritant.

      It is unfortunate that you found it to be the latter, and for this I do apologize, and completely understand and respect if you wish not to invite others to pARTicipate in our experience here and/or choose not to come back here again yourself.

      Again, I thank you for your comment and the opportunity it presented me to explain the rationale behind that which I do with my writing for the BEnefit of ALL.

      Blissings are sent forth to YOU and ALL members of our Universal Family for a smooth, easy and joyFull journey into our transcended consciousness of LOVE. ***

      Blissedly BE,