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An Epiphany out of the rat maze

I had an Epiphany the other day……

One of those “A-Ha” moments overwhelmed by tears of recognition, BEaYOUty and Grace by the Light of LOVE that IS our TRUTH:

Ya KNOW the saying ya gotta “get a hold on reality”…..well the epiphany that came to ME is that this statement IS backward!!!

It IS that we need to LOSE our HOLD on “Reality”….

’tis time for ALL of WE to 

Let GO of FEAR and Let LOVE reign Supreme!

For MOST of my life……from early childhood straight through to TODAY, I AM faced with MANY who call me or think of me as “crazy” &/or various derivative thereof such as “a freak”, “living in my own bubble”, [don’t we ALL??], “out there”, “tree hugger”, “granola”, “hippie”, “moonchild”, yadda yadda, things I must tell ya are Badges of fabYOUlousness in my Family!!! Yup, from the time my son was, well born, he knew it was COOL to BE a “freak”……. and YET….there has ALLways BEen this part of ME…..even KNOWing ALL I KNOW to BE TRUTH…..[as WE ALL DO really!!] that has wanted to ‘fit in’ with the ‘Majority Reality’… NOT BE seen as “Crazy”. Of course, that’s ‘cuz what I AM wanting IS for the majority to admit to the TRUTHs we ALL KNOW to BE. ;D

Alas, as we KNOW, TRUTH as recognized consciously and outwardly by the Majority has NOT a long breath of life sustained over the last millennia. It IS this little part of ME, wanting to fit in, wanting for others to understand, that IS also the part of me that IS ALLways questioning what I KNOW [WE KNOW] to BE TRUTH, as a result.

Funny ya??? How we take others’ fears, judgments, and doubts onto SELF……..even on levels so deeply unconscious it IS not until we have these AWEsome “A-Ha” epiphanies that we recognize how we have BEen SELF-Sabotaging……for it IS this part of ME that has kept me from BEing in a state of BLISSFull Agape LOVE for ME… those moments I AM NOT LOVing SELF that IS.


BUT….it IS NOT the fault of any…..specifically……at least to our KNOWledge….in this NOW….for ya see…
We have BEen CONDITIONED by Fear based Illusion to NOT TRUST, BElieve and Pay Attention to that which WE ALL KNOW intrinisically to BE TRUTH…..for thousands upon thousands of years. Who KNOWs when was the 1st time that someONE CHOSE to use fear as their eye of awareness instead of LOVE??

WE ALL KNOW that there IS much MORE to WE existing on levels that we do NOT {CURRENTLY} physically SEE……like our very breath of life, n’est ce pas? We live in this energetic matrix, surrounded by this air that we are completely reliant upon for our very LIFE and yet we see it NOT.

Our bodies function in ways that we are completely not conscious of and yet….function they DO!

Our thoughts and feelings which affect how we ACT also…..ALL Unseen.

How we ACT and thus interact with ONE another and the material world/dimension affects that which manifests physically in our seen world.

ALL starting withIN the UNseen, the Esoteric……
n’est ce pas?


And yet…….for sooooooo very long we have BEen taught “if ya don’t see it, it isn’t real, it isn’t there, YOU can NOT trust it”…..


Should WE ALL STOP Trusting in the Breath of our very life???

Where IS the YOU that IS withIN YOU that IS reading this right NOW???

Are YOU just yOUR physical body????

If I were to take away non-vital pieces of yOUR physical body, [of course I would NEVER so DO] would YOU seize to exist???

We have BEen taught to “get a grip on reality” and yet…..what was vital to and completely left out of the lesson was that WE co-CREATE our reality.  The “illusion” IS that we are imprisoned withIN this presented reality that IS based in fear, dread, pain, insecurity, and abuse.  We have BEen taught/conditioned/brainwashed to BElieve in “what IF’s that are of the worst case scenarios instead of the best case scenarios.  We have BEen taught to “BE careFull” BEcause we might get hurt, instead of so we may BE of greater assistance to SELF & others.  We have BEen taught to stress over what IS NOT, instead of celebrating what IS.

We have BEen taught to put our trust, faith and BElief in that which has only served to make it that much more difficult to TRUST in that which uplifts, assists, motivates, inspires, encourages, and enLIGHTens us.  More over we have BEen taught to NOT Trust in our undisputed TRUTH… that which we not only KNOW intrinisically and intuitively, but have EXPERIENTIAL PROOF of…. with EVERY BREATH of Life itSELF!!!!

How very silly!!!

And sooooo we fight to hang on to this fear based “reality” that we are told to stay focussed upon….to put our attentions within, BEcause otherwise something awFull may occur…but this ONLY serves to keep us imprisoned in a spiralling vortex of FEAR, Suffering, Violence, & Pain. We could sooooooo easily give in, give over and surrender [our fears, anxieties, stresses, strains, our pride, our sense of need for individuated acKNOWledged recognition, our comparisons, competitions] our focused attention to our TRUTH….
to BEing LOVE

We are ALL fabYOUlous BLISSings simply BEcause WE ARE!
Miracles of Life.
We have NOTHING to prove, only to BE.

Trust in that which YOU FEEL INTERNALLY…….follow yOUR Bliss.… IS afterall what we ALL are striving for and yet, so DOing like blind mice running in circles in an elaborate constructed maze, for the only way out IS NOT to try to physically get out of the maze by conforming to the rules and regulations of an external body, [ie: trying to be a “good person” according to the contrived standards as communicated to us via popular media/government/corporations/religious instutitions…..] but to go withIN SELF and transcend BEyond the maze which IS where we ALL really ARE anyways. 😉 [there, here, everywhere 😀 – we ALL, EACH ONE of us KNOWs what it means, heck, what it IS to BE Happy, what it IS to BE sad, and we EACH prefer to BE Happy, period.]

yup my sweet LOVElies, ’tis time, ’tis time indeed to

Let Go and Let LOVE!!!

Let’s ALL dive in, take the leap, and embrace BEing CRAZY~~~
Crazy, Freaky BEings of LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

* Roni IS an WHOLEistic enLIGHTenment GuideLight, Wisdom & Wellness Life Coach, Spiritual Energy Psychotherapist and a Fitness & Nutritional Consultant.
To journey with Roni’s guideLight get in touch with her directly by clicking here.

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