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Answering the question: “How do I know what’s right?”

Ya KNOW the whole “feeling” thang we hear so much about today… attention to your feelings….release yourself from the grasp of your thoughts….align with your heart….bring your mind into harmony with your heart…..

Okay well here’s the rest of that message…..

If you are feeling GOOD – authentically – genuinely – positively then it IS a clear signal to “go ahead”.

If you are feeling BAD – negative, frustration, anger, resentment, insecure, doubtful, FEAR then it IS a clear signal to “STOP”.

When we are feeling good about our thoughts, our self, our life then taking actions from this place are going to assist in manifesting MORE of the like, as is unfortunately true in the opposing direction……

Our negative feelings are signals that we are NOT listening to thoughts [direction] of our ‘soul’, our truth, our authenticity, our divinity, LOVE………that we are instead listening to the thoughts of fear, insecurity, doubt, frustration, separateness, powerlessness, did I mention, FEAR……

Our TRUTH, our Authenticity IS NOT thoughts that are ‘egoic’ in nature – based within fear, but soul based thoughts, thoughts based within love and where there is love there is no negativity….the feelings we feel are not heavy, cumbersome or difficult….they are light, easy and bliss.

Yes, it really IS that simple.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE
Roni ~*❤*~

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