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As easy as making a choice

Ok, so someONE asked me the other day, “how come I make it sound so easy” the transcending evolution we are ALL journeying upon that IS and really….as I indicated to them, 

as easy or as difficult as we make it, for 

in TRUTH the MASSIVE Transcendence we are ALL journeying, this HUGE enLIGHTening evolution we are ALL pARTicipating in, the vast change to our entire “way of life” IS 

simply a matter of making a Consistent Choice.

Yup, that’s it…..
a Choice, 
made consistently…….
to embrace the thoughts of LOVE instead of fear…….

c’est tout, that’s ALL….

***and YES, it CAN BE difficult, no one is taking that away, just like breaking ANY HABIT can BE… biting nails or smoking cigarettes, eating emotionally, responding negatively, etc….etc…etc….

Choosing to embrace fear based thoughts IS a Habit we have ALL…….yes, EACH and EVERY ONE of we, BEen conditioned to DO by virtue of the fact that we exist upon this Earth School.

Fear based “flight/fight” choices have BEen “the way”, have BEen the motif operandi for ALL of we, passed down from generation to generation to generation, for 1000’s of years.

So yes, it can be difficult….until we DO it…..just like breaking any habit, once ya start to DO it – start to make NEW, HEALTHIER CHOICEs, it gets easier and easier and easier and easier to make those choices consistently. Like starting a new physical exercise routine……it may take some “mental push’n” to get ya on yOUR way but once ya start and feel how GOOD it feels, see the physical results, you NATURALLY want MORE and thus are MORE motivated to exercise without needing the ‘mental push’.

THIS IS what we are ALL DOing NOW with respect to our thoughts, going from fear based automated choosing to LOVE based Consciously Aware Choosing until such time that our LOVE based CHOOSing BEcomes as habitualized as the fear we are leaving BEhind…….and then….ya don’t have to “Try” so hard, ya don’t have to BE so “consciously aware”…..cuz our ‘new habit’ of BEing, that which comes to us ‘naturally’ shall BE LOVE.

‎***Important to Note***
In the sea of infinite possibilities, which exists in EVERY NOW, the positive love based possiblities are just as likely as the ones negative fear based ones…’s just that we have been of habit to pay attention to those bathed in fear.

We’ve seen how AWEsomely Amazing we are at manifesting the negative based ones… WOW*** Have ya checked out the amazing technological killing machines we have invented, the means of destroying our planet, heck check out the ever increasing number of human lives we are soooo amazingly adept at wiping out in a split second….we TRUEly are Amazing…..

Just imagine ALL that manifesting power put into our LOVE based thoughts……..

Wow, WOw, WOW*****

Blissedly BE.
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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    1. Carson (Reply) on Mar 5, 2012

      Thank you sistar for your ceaseless inspiration and wise insights on the path. Much love and ALL the blessed with it ALL! Xo

      • love (Reply) on Mar 5, 2012

        Thank YOU Sweet Angel brother Carson 😀 _(l)_
        Most deeply appreciative that YOU have journeyed the adventure to our blog site of LOVE’s Light for the BEnefit of ALL and blissed us with the imprint of yOUR energetic flow thereof. 😀

        Big Hugs of LOVE to YOU and exponentialy expanding happyness in ALL that YOU DO, ALLways. ***

        BLISSedly BE
        Radiating LOVE