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As good as it gets

“WHAT IF…………..
this is it…….your life as it is today, is as good as it gets…..[not that its gonna get worse- just as it is NOW].

find acceptance? things for which to be grrreatFull for? happyness? fulfillment? resolve to embrace where it IS you are in this NOW in gratitude and LOVE?”

Here’s the ‘funny’ thing about all this.

The ‘better than….as good as it gets’ actually DOes happen when we let go of our aching desire for something other than what we have in this now, and begin to find gratitude therein.

I know it can be ‘difficult’ or as I prefer to say, a HUGE Opportunity for growth and expansion, to allow yourself to let go of the hold of unfulfilling feelings, to allow yourself to let go of the hold of unaccomplished thoughts and allow yourself to fully succumb to embracing thoughts of gratitude and bliss for that which is when that which is, isn’t fully what you had envisioned life to be for yourself. Trust me, I know!

We have this feeling within us that if we allow ourselves to let go of these thoughts and feelings that “everything is NOT ‘just right’ yet”, we are giving up on all the things we desire to make everything ‘just right’.

I get it. Again, TRUST ME!!! I really do!
20 YEARS I have been consciously speaking to and providing guidance regarding BEing LOVE.
20 YEARS!!!
And 20 years I have been myself consciously realigning my own mind’s thoughts and feelings out of the conditioning of my ancestral lineage, culture and society. Those that need/ed it anyhow. 😉
I DO understand.

I’m not saying we should give up our dreams, visions or desires for that matter, for more. This is NOT what we are talking about here.

Make the choice to BE HAPPY

What IS BEing said IS; keep your visions, dreams and desires whilst simultaneously seeking out where they are already manifest in your life – even if their manifestation is just a teeny tiny reflection of your grander vision, and……..even more important, be greatFull for that which IS. It’s okay to have a vision but living your life from a perspective that is focusing on that which isn’t yet only keeps you in a state of unfulfilled longing. Having a vision whilst focusing on all the things in your life that are amazing and feeling gratitude for those things keeps you within a state of bliss, uplifts you and thus assists you to being more open to positive inspiration to assist you with your vision. What is more, it assists you to perceive where your vision is actually coming together, again, even if it’s just threads thereof. This automatically makes your experience of life a more enJOYable one from the get go and let’s face it, given the choice between going through life feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled or blissful and hopeful…..who doesn’t want to enJOY life?

And, we all know this from our own experiences in life, this isn’t rocket science.
If you are feeling crappy, you are less likely to be motivated to do anything let alone open to receive anything that may be of assistance to you. If you are feeling amazing, you are more likely to be motivated, inspired and energized to get things done and be open to opportunities that present themselves, hence increasing the likelihood of that ‘good as it gets’ getting better and better, and all ya had to do was start with a little gratitude for what is in your life right now.
Go figure.
Such a simple, small start to manifesting your visions of grandeur and magnificence!

Again, ‘cuz I know how much of an opportunity for growth this can be for so many of we, allowing yourself to be grateful for that which is, even when that which is, isn’t that which you had hoped or envisioned for yourself is NOT, N-O-T, NOT giving up on your vision, it is actually doing the very opposite, as ‘difficult’ as this may be to believe, it really IS TRUE!

And what IF this really IS ‘as good as it gets’……..can you relax your frantic mind of upset, longing and dissatisfaction and find the gifts, the bliss that DOes exist in your now? Look around your home, your family, friends, hobbies, social and professional life, can you find joy there? I bet there is a well of it, just awaiting your sweet, tender, loving embrace. Go on, take a spin, give it a try, and see what fabYOUlousness springs up to surprise and kiss ya with sweet lov’n!

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~


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