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Ascending into a Healthier Lifestyle

Quitting a bad habit…….or Transcending out of a bad habit…..or Ascending into a Healthier Lifestyle….

hmmmmmmmm ONEder which vantage point resonates best with you….

Whichever way it DOes, to BEgin to heal self from pARTicipating in unhealthy ACTions, Choices, experiences in life, we must BEgin an INNER DIALOGUE…..we must FACE the ‘negative habit’ [ie: smoking, short temper, unhealthy eating] first by admitting that it IS one and then by entering into a dialogue with self regarding the BEnefits of quitting, transcending or ascending out of the negative habit.

BE Patient….it’s a process. 😀

From inner dialogue, which we want to BE consistent with and which we want to expand upon, …

[for example: using smoking we may BEgin by pointing out to self each time we pARTicipate to BE conscious and take notice of how we are really NOT enJOYing the experience or how pARTicipating in the experience IS really negatively affecting other aspects of our life, like our oxygen intake when exercising, or the fact that we are inhaling poisonous toxins like cianide…..and then……expand there from……for example, when brushing our teeth, reMIND self how horrible smoking is for our teeth, continuously seeking out reinforcing dialogue towards our goal of letting go of this negative habit.]

… we go to inner dialogue pointing out all the reasons why so DOing IS to our BEnefit.….

[for example: quitting/transcending/ascending will provide greater lung capacity, being a ‘non-smoker’ IS COOL, our breath will smell nicer, our teeth will be whiter, our money will last longer as will our overall quality of life and life itSELF…..]

…. positively associating the New HEALTHIER Lifestyle habit with really faBYOUlous and motivating definitions of self.

Remember this IS a moment to moment thing.

YES* there may most definitely BE temptations, cravings, and very strong desires along the way, once you have arrived and even long after you have accepted, embraced and actualized.

Sooooo if ya ‘fall off the band wagon’ – get right back on again and resume……use the ‘fall’ to strengthen your resolve….’see what happened……we allowed self to give in to temptation and………’ or ‘okay we fell, it’s a strong temptation, but we are stronger’ and then seek out even more supporting resources to assist self….like reading these blog posts. 😀 hee hee

Sending LOVE to ONE and ALL***

P.S. as it should be stated, the greatest negative habit we are ascending out of IS our fear based IS a collective habit of ALL of WE which we are healing and replacing with the healthier, authenticity of our LOVE Consciousness……and yup, yup, yup, even though it IS a much ‘bigger’ thing than something like smoking per se, ALL that relates to a ‘small habit’ relates to a big one too…….

Step by step. 😀

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

For those seeking assistance in actualizing a healthier lifestyle by transcending habits that are not BEneficial to us for one that are, get in touch with me directly through the “About the Author” section BElow.

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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