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Asking the Right Questions

Read a little ditty the other day which reMINDed me of the POWER of our Self Inquisition……the manner by which we ask ourselves questions….which as we all know is constantly as we are always in silent [not so silent to us] conversations with ourselves in our heads/minds.

From the mundane to the intense, we are always in conversation with self, figuring out if we like this or that, what this means, what to do about that, which choice is the best one, etc…..

Well…….what I was reMINDed of was what KIND of questions to ask self which are the MOST Assisting to SELF and thus that which we experience as “life”.

And those are………..[drum roll please ;D]

Asking HOW questions instead of WHY questions.

Soooo whatever situation we find ourselves contemplating silently in our heads, when we come from a perspective of asking “why” we are coming from a diminished perspective of personal power.….asking why something external has happened to us for example…whereas asking “HOW” keeps the power withIN self.….for example, “how can I best deal with this situation” – it’s not something happening to you, it’s something we have the power to DO something about based upon the choices we make.

Further to this and of course keeping in kind with everything else we know about our perception and the power thereof, in asking the HOW questions, we want to come from an empowered place of LOVE therefore if for example something “BAD” in so far as we have deemed it to be ‘bad’ happens we ask supporting, uplifting, empowering “How questions” such as “How is this situation assisting to my personal growth” “How is my being involved in this situation a positive experience for me?” “How can I best choose to respond to this situation for the highest happyness of all involved?”  As opposed to something that is definitely not going to assist you such as relegating a hugely positive potential ‘how question’ to ask something negative such as:  “How could something so awful happen to me?”

Of course ya don’t have to relegate your questions to just “how” questions….“What can I do in this situation to improve upon it or best utilize the experience? Which pathway offers the greatest light? Where may I direct my mind’s focus and heart’s love to best embody the person I love myself to be in responding to this situation?” etc…etc…

The point IS to come from an empowered position that uplifts, assists, empowers and enLIGHTens self as opposed to one that disempowers and thus aggravates, frustrates, irritates…..[any more negative adjectives you can think of feel free to throw them in there….hee hee hee].

Would LOVE to hear HOW YOU deal with what you have perceived to BE ‘difficult situations’ in your life…..

What Interpretations do you make, what perceptual paradigm do you choose to come from, from where within self do your repsonses come from, what advise would you give to someone who is dealing with something they find difficult?

Blissings to YOU ALL BEaYOUtyFull Earth Angels Divine.***
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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    1. Jason (Reply) on Mar 17, 2013

      You can also ask ‘Why’ Questions which are empowering. You do this by asking a question that presupposes that something is true.

      For example: Why am I the top salesman in my company?” Or “Why am I so good at learning new languages?”

      So keep this in mind when considering the use of “Why” questions.