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Authentic Gratitude makes Dreams come True

Ok, so here’s a ‘funny’ notion to ponder upon…..

We ALL say we want to “Live our Dreams Come True”, right?
Well, we may not say it, but I think everyONE would definitely agree their preference would BE, if given the choice, to live their dreams come true, n’est ce pas. 😀

Okay, so NOW I wanna ask YOU to DO something:
Think about your dreams…….

NOW think about your life RIGHT NOW as it relates to your dreams.
In other words;
❊ what part of your Dream IS actualized….
❊ what teeny part of what you have envisioned your dream to BE is happening….
❊ what of your grand plan IS being experienced….
in your life right NOW?

IS it possible YOU ARE living yOUR Dreams?

Perhaps your dream is to be in an unconditional relationship of love…..and perhaps you have been blissed with a child.

Perhaps your dream is to travel the world and perhaps you have been blissed with a backyard where you can sit under the sun and “escape” the routine of every day life.

Perhaps your dream is to be a celebrity and within your community perhaps you are the life of the party.

Perhaps your dream is to be a straight A student and perhaps you are gifted with many awards of recognition for your artistic and/or extra curricular endeavours.

Perhaps these examples are not the whole-istic perspective of your dream manifest according to you…..HOWEVER…..

When we CHOOSE to see where our dreams ARE manifesting we put ourselves into a state of Gratitude.

Perspective IS Everything babay***

From this perspective, where we are actively seeking out examples [however teeny tiny they may be] of our dreams manifest, we are aligning ourselves within a vibrational frequency that IS emitting signals of AUTHENTIC Gratitude, success, abundance, bliss and happyness….our dreams come true.

We BEcome like a Radio Station broadcasting HAPPY Uplifting Music and therefore ATTRACT to our station listeners [more energy, frequency vibrations, opportunities, and manifestations] who are seeking to experience HAPPYness……who are resonating with HAPPYness.

This IS that which many call “The Law of Attraction”.

This IS “how” we are ‘actually’- authentically grateFull  [not just “putt’n it on”]  for that which IS in our life….BEcause we are CHOOSing to LOOK for the manifestations of our HAPPYness and therefore FINDing the manifestations of our HAPPYness, examples of our dreams realized, and thus are we Authentically in a BLISSFull place of Gratitude and HAPPYness…..

….and we ALL KNOW that when we are HAPPY we get a LOT more fabYOUlousness DOne, we experience A LOT more fabYOUlousness in ALL areas of our lives, we are much more OPEN to even MORE fabYOUlous opportunities and experiences that inspire our HAPPYness…….and thus DO WE Increase our Bliss.

La la la la LOVE*
Roni ~*❤*~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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