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BEfore Thought there IS KNOWing

We are ALLways “in tune” with conscious awareness, the KNOWledge of “ALL”. We have just had our attentions diverted from this stream of consciousness that exists withIN each of us, by placing more importance on the physically manifest, on that which is experienced through the 5 senses instead of our esoteric ones. 😉

BEfore thoughts and feelings about something, there IS a KNOWing…….it IS a very “matter of fact” KNOWing, like “oh ya I totally see that…..oh that’s obvious” kind of KNOWing…..and then……we attribute associative thoughts to this from our past, and along with them, the feelings we had during these past experiences.

It IS the KNOWing stage to which we must pay the greatest attention, for it IS within this intuitive, energetic, esoteric stage that the answer exists unto itSELF….clear as day, in the NOW of its occurrence, nothing to confuse, no story BEhind it which we must traverse and understand, it simply IS.

For our decisions in life to BE made for our HIGHest HAPPYness, they must so BE made in the NOW of our experience, which IS NOT of our past or for that matter our future.

These cloud judgment.

Trust in yOUR SELF NOW, in who YOU ARE ALLways.

Let go of yOUR fears. Pay attention to how YOU are feeling in any given situation, instead of the thoughts that arise thereafter. Analysis of a situation can cloud the situation BEcause it can bring forth automatic responses associated with past experiences or thoughts of potential future outcomes, as opposed to those that are appropriate to that which IS occurring in yOUR NOW.

Pay Attention to, Be Aware of, Listen for and Follow yOUR inner, intuitive KNOWing.

**Important to Note** to BE ‘in-tune’ with our ‘inner knowing’, our intuition IS to BE in a relaxed state of calm within our minds.

Trust yOUR feelings in the NOW and when YOU are doubting, when the analysis whips into yOUR Mind in thunder bolts, drowning out yOUR initial feeling, DO NOTHING, and just ALLOW life to lead YOU!

Respond instead of reACTing.


Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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