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BEing Emotionally Authentic

DO YOU like/dislike what YOU DO BEcause YOU like/dislike it or BEcause everyONE else DOes?

DO YOU respond to life situations BEcause of how YOU have CHOSEn to or BEcause it IS what IS expected by everyONE else?

DO YOU have a feeling response that IS authentically yOUR own or “appropriate” as per our conditioning?

Unless YOU are walking in Conscious Awareness WHOLLY….[which for the GREATEST MAJORITY of ALL of WE – we are transcending to]…….then there are responses that come from YOU that are NOT based in authenticity – which IS of yOUR Conscious CHOOSing in every NOW unto itSELF – [not based upon past or potential experiences, seen aNEW as it’s own experience] .

For example….it IS a commonly “accepted response” to mourn someONE’s passing/death, or the “end” of a relationship, or the loss of a job, etc…..
Not so common IS it to celebrate these……yet it DOes happen. 😀

Some of our seemingly genuine authentic responses are in TRUTH, merely our projecting a reflection of that which we have seen played out by others in our lives, including those we have never come into physical contact with but may have watched in a t.v. show or movie……we are affected by ALL.

To KNOW if what YOU are feeling IS genuine IS to have Consciously CHOSEn to FEEL it……..

‘cuz at the end of the day……..WE ALL have the CHOICE in Every NOW, ALLways.…..which means we CAN CHOOSE to “go against the grain” instead of with it………especially when going with it IS a debilitating experience instead of ONE that IS ascending. 😀 _()_ ~*❤*~

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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