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When we are “BEing LOVE”, we FEEL differently, THINK differently, SOUND differently, and ACT differently. We use different words, we breathe in different rhythms, we vibrate upon a different frequency wave.

We are ALL familiar with this…..we have ALL witnessed the SELF CHANGE when we speak to young children, babies and animals…..

Practising “BEing LOVE” in one’s BEingness IS amongst, if not the GREATEST endeavours we may venture upon in our experience of BEingness – in our lifetime and BEyond….

There are times we are naturally BEing LOVE – as those times we are in the company of young babies, goo’ing and gaga’ing, and then there are times when we are NOT naturally compelled to BEing LOVE in fact we may BE ‘instigated’ to quite the opposite…..

… IS at these times and in TRUTH, ANY other when we are NOT BEing LOVE that are the MOST VITAL that we DO ALL we CAN to BE LOVE, that we take up ALL of our resources, tools, wisdom, KNOWledge and put them to use, to practise that we may “retrain the brain”, creating new neural pathways, making BETTER CHOICEs, in whatever way IS most BEneficially affecting to our BEingness.

For example, for some, it IS of good practice to BE Silent for elongated periods through out their day, to practice BEing in silence, conveying, communicating, existing silently, and thus calming one’s SELF~ thoughts, feelings, actions down.

This IS very similar to the practice of quiet talking, slow talking, slow eating, meditating, exercising, deep breathing, and simply slowing or calming down period.

In giving SELF the Opportunity to BE LOVE through out our regular days, over and over, more and more, we expand our SELVEs to BEing our TRUTH, BEing LOVE ALLways.

Let’s start this week with purposeFully CHOOSing to speak in LOWER TONES… ensuring the vibrational frequency of our vocal chords is ONE that IS harmonizing within a range that IS soft, calm and whimsically melodic, when ever, where ever, how ever we are able to so DO, and let’s see what happens, how that makes us feel, think, act, BE, and the events that transpire as a result thereof.

PLEASE DO let me KNOW – share yOUR experiences with ALL of WE, for when YOU DO, ALL BEnefit for YOU are another WE, another ME, as I AM, ALL of YOU!

In Lak’ech Ala K’in
Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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