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BEyond Forgiveness to Gratitude

BEyond forgiveness which many of us KNOW to BE a ONEderFull healing and freeing experience from the bondages of heavy emotional frequencies such as anger and resentment IS…….Gratitude.

Yup…..even for ‘thems’ with whom we have experienced what we deem to BE “hell”.

Gratitude comes with the TRUE FREEdom of egoic, separated, fear based MIND states, opening us, healing us, freeing us to BE the Lights of LOVE we ARE. ❤

It IS a fine line we tend to walk n’est ce pas……

Let’s take abusive relationships for example….to forgive SELF and then ‘other’ with whom we have BEen in an abusive relationship with.

Seems difficult enough to forgive someONE who has BEen abusive to us let alone BE greatFull for their experience in our lives, especially as we are definitely NOT wanting to provide ONE who IS abusive with any support or encouragement for BEing so. We tend to think that to forgive IS to accept something as okay.


They ARE in fact Mutually Exclusive.

YOU CAN forgive someone and NOT embrace their BEhaviours as acceptable……as much as YOU would yOUR own, n’est ce pas???
There are many things we have done in our lives we wish we had not. Though we forgive our self for so doing, we still do not promote the behaviours we have done.

It DOes “take two to tango” and we are EACH [the majority of us living ‘freely’] Response Able in most of our relationships to make choices and decisions regarding our involvement in such relationships, n’est ce pas?

However…….moving beyond forgiveness of self first for ALLOWing ourself to be in such an abusive situation [which occur in intimate relationships as much as they do formal employment ones] to ‘other’ for being the abuser, to GRATITUDE for the situation, for the experience and for the ‘other’ for so BEing……well our fine lines come up ALL over again NOW don’t they?

Thing IS: ☟☟

Having Gratitude for the situation, for Self, and for “other” IS that final step of HEALing that IS required.

We got our SELF into a situation in the 1st place for [albeit to most of us “unconscious”] reasons that enable our facing fears, that we may HEAL self there from.

What we determine to BE “negative” situations are our determination………in the world of energetics, there IS neither good nor bad, just different frequencies.

To BE grateFull to self, the situation and ‘other’ IS very similar to forgiveness except… up that last little inkling of ego that remains…….that piece that says YOU are the ONE in the position to BE forgiving, which essentially translates to mean yOUR PART in the situation IS less than……when in TRUTH……as we have said, “it takes two to tango”. 😀

Gratitude IS seeing past blame, to the opportunity the situation presented for us to face, what ever that opportunity- fear, lesson for growth, insight, etc….. may BE.

It remains vitally important to understand that moving BEyond forgiveness into gratitude IS NOT accepting a behaviour as being okay, it is NOT saying that “this way was the best way” or “let’s have more of this type of healing”, it IS acKNOWledging what was and what IS, so that YOU are Consciously Aware and thus empowered to make decisions moving forward that are NOT the same.

*NB: Please note that the notion and ACTion of flowing from forgiveness to gratitude is NOT exclusive to the example chosen herein namely, abusive relationships.  This is only an example given to elucidate this notion and action and is NOT again, exclusive thereto.

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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