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Blessings and Lessons of LOVE’s Light to and from Haiti

Steve Pohlit, our LOVEly Earth Angel founder of Manifest Mastermind, recently wrote a post for our Public site titled:

“Events Like The Haiti Earthquake Offer An Opportunity For Expanded Consciousness”

Posted by Steve Pohlit on Sunday, January 17th 2010

excerpt: “When an event occurs like the earthquake that struck Haiti, it is common to hear questions like “Why did God do this?” or “What are the people there doing to attract such an event?” Is God punishing Haiti?”


which I was, of course, inspired to reply to.

My reply is BElow.

Blessings Sweet Earth Angels, may we ALL embody our TRUTH, our quintessential BEingness’ of LOVE’s Light in Every NOW, ALLways.



I was just having this discussion with my starry soul sister, Aline last night.


We ALL tend to ask these questions when tragedies strike, natural disasters, “accidents” and like events which are seemingly BEyond our control.


Once an occurrence has occurred, ’tis definitely BEST to DO…..DO ALL we CAN to BE, the BEST we can BE…….

LESSONS DO abound!!

The outpouring of LOVE, Unity, Honour for the Miracle and fragility that is WE is outstanding in moments such as the recent Earthquake in Haiti………..just as it is, in moments of HIGH Celebration, like the recent “Holy Days” many around our globe have just celebrated.

Perhaps instead of asking “WHY?” we can ask, “WHAT?”

“What GIFT, what lesson, what opportunity for growth are we BEing given in experiencing this tragedy, celebration, situation, etc…?”



Perhaps, recognizing the GIFT, however horrible the tragedy may BE, actually heightens the Positive of the situation/circumstance and thus promotes more of the Positive {through our collective energy frequencies} whilst preventing more of the Negative………

We/ALL is after ALL, ENERGY, n’est ce pas?

Perhaps in BEing LOVE, in acting as the ONE UNIVERSAL FAMILY we ARE, our collective energy CAN and WILL prevent such natural disasters and unexplained, unprepared for tragedies from occurring…….

Perhaps when we have embraced the Gifts, learned the lessons, there shan’t BE need for such lessons and Gifts in the future, for we shall BE the lesson, we shall BE the Gift, we shall BE the ONE Universal Family, we shall BE the LOVE, we ARE.

Blessedly BE Sweet Earth Angels, ONE and ALL
to Our HIGHest HAPPIness in Every NOW, ALLways.

Radiate Soul Light
Radiate ONE LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni
In Lak’ech

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