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Bliss Bliss Bliss


In Lak’ech Ala K’in

I AM another YOU

YOU ARE another ME



YES Indeed!!
That IS what we ALL ARE.

We are ALL Lights of LOVE whom have CHOSEn to have this human experience to radiate our Lights of LOVE through these BEa~YOU~tyFully intricate master pieces we call bodies. We came for that which we call the physical experience the experience of our radiance in yet another FAB~YOU~less way. 😉

Infinite are WE in the number of ways we can CHOOSE to BE and experience our essence. 😉

How LOVEly shall it BE when ALL of WE recognize this reality and CHOOSE to Consciously Create, KNOWing that ALL of WE can have whatever our Heart’s Desire!!! {speaking to our Hearts – as in our Agape LOVE Filled Hearts :) – obviously, if there are those amongst us whom are desiring things that cause harm to self or anyone else there will BE resistance to this manifesting- to ALL of WE receiving our heart’s desires….hence our current reality…..}

There IS NO Need, when we KNOW, for greediness, for control, for FEAR of any kind, when ACTing from LOVE, each of WE fulfilling our OWN Heart’s Desires LOVingly, we naturally BEnefit ALL.

This is the HOW we are supposed to BE…..the HOW we ARE naturally, which we are awakening to in LOVE as opposed to FEAR…and thus shall BE the Peace we ALL seek, the Bliss we ALL KNOW IS our Birth Right 😉

It IS to the subtler energetic aspects of our BEingness to which we need pay more attention, that we need give the same respect, reverence and honour, in fact, MORE SO, than we DO the physically manifest RESULTS thereof.

 In so DOing are we GIFTing SELF our Inherent ability, our Gift, the Divinity to Create into our physical experience of BEingness in accord to our Conscious CHOOSing.

This ability, this attention, this awareness IS actually, in this NOW, growing naturally within ALL of WE… more and more ARE CHOOSing to BE Consciously Aware of the subtler quintessential foundation of our BEingness, and as the cosmos IS aligning in support thereof, it IS causing a CHANGE in the very core of our quintessential essence to vibrate differently, to enable MORE LIGHT to BE emanating through ALL of WE…..

more LIGHT = more INFORMATION = more AWAREness = more Ability = more Consciousness = Transcendence

What an Exciting “time” to BE.
A ONEderFull GIFT from/of ALL of WE~~

Thank YOU ALL soooooo much for CHOOSing to BE in this NOW and BEing such an integral part of the experience of our awakening BEingness….

such a phenomenal BLISSing indeed!!!!
Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein



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