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Break the cycle of negativity

K, so we hear bunches and bunches [including from me :D] regarding “Accepting what IS”…..

We spend a lot of our time fighting that which IS….getting upset, aggravated, frustrated, depressed, angry, etc….with our situations……
…..which DOes nothing but support an ever increasingly strong vortex of negativity and yuck……hence “Accepting what IS”…

K, now comes the really, really COOL part…..

Even withIN accepting what IS……we have CHOICE…..

We have the choice as to HOW we shall interpret and attribute meaning to that which IS in our lives.

We CAN CHANGE our interpretations and meanings to ones that are MORE uplifting, assisting, empowering and enLIGHTening to us……if we so CHOOSE to.

Yup, yup, yup….even what IS, IS withIN our empowered state of BEing to ‘control’……so to speak. ;D

For example:
Someone upsets you with their behaviour, [ie: they forgot to put the toilet seat down, clean their dishes after eating, call you when they said they would] BEcause of how you are choosing to interpret their behaviour.

The behaviour itself does not change, however…..if we choose to look at their behaviour and assume malicious intent vs careless consciousness or purrhaps an emergency came up, something happened that we know not about, how we FEEL about the situation DOes change…….our interpretation of their ACTions DOes change and thus so too DOes everything else relating thereto…….including that which shall ‘come next’….how we will BE inspired to respond.

Will you choose to continue or break the cycle of negativity?

BEing LOVE IS a Choice in every NOW, ALLways.
And…..even if a millisecond ago ya had a little ‘oopsie’ and chose to listen to the voices of negativity, YOU CAN right in the very next split second choose to give yOUR attention to LOVE and thus BE an emanating radiance thereof. 😀

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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