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Building Bridges with our Fears

There is NO NEED to run away from yOUR FEARs….they are a great Opportunity to assess where YOU ARE that YOU may see how fabYOUlous YOU ARE!

Obviously, ya gotta BE CHOOSing HOW yar gonna BE DOing this assessing, this interpreting of yOUR life for it to BE an experience of fabYOUlousness, n’est ce pas ☺

We CAN CHOOSE to USE our FEARs as a means to Uplift, emPOWER, & enLIGHTen SELF to our Magnificence & thus transcend our fears from a negative experience to a positive one.

FEAR is merely a THOUGHT about something that IS NOT.

Hear it, then ALLOW SELF to SEE what actually IS, in other words, it ALLmost BEcomes like YOU & yOUR fear are on a debating team, each on opposite sides and when fear comes up to the stand that’s yOUR signal to get yOUR presentation ready to showcase yOUR side of the situation, which as it so happens IS based upon FACT. KNOWing this, YOU can then ALLOW yOUR SELF to relish in the POSITIVE & LOVE that IS NOW.

As Cheryl Janecky advises, use yOUR fears as a catalyst to CREATE a BRIDGE to yOUR dreams ☺ In other words, when a fear arises in yOUR Mind, instead of trying to hide from it, or getting upset with yOUR SELF for having it in the first place, not only acKNOWledge it, but, take it a step further and see it as a signal for YOU to start CREATing what YOU DO want, to use it as the first building block towards reshaping the thoughts within yOUR Mind to those that YOU DO want to BE having, to those that ARE uplifting, assisting and emPOWERing to YOU.

For example, when I AM having any fearFull thoughts about my financial situation, an inherited fear, or as Cheryl would say, genetic encoding-[which WE CAN recode!!], I embrace that moment, that experience of BEingness as an OPPORTUNITY to realign my mind and retrain my brain to where I want it to BE, to think of HAPPY thoughts relating to money.

Okay so here IS something of what occurs; I realize I AM feeling anxious, and as my attention IS directed to this feeling I start to notice thoughts I AM having of bills that need to BE paid, items that need to BE purchased, life happenings and the expenses that go with it, and the anxiety feeling BEgins to build and I grow increasingly uncomfortable, until……

Until, I CHOOSE to take over, to BE conscious, to pay attention, to BE Aware,  I CHOOSE to STOP the train wreck roller coaster ride from going out of control and Deliberately CHOOSE to Direct my Mind where I WANT it to go.

I start with where I’m at~ where my mind IS focusing in this NOW~ upon this fear, and I face it. I say, “okay, let’s have a looksie at my life, my expenses, my finances, and let’s see how I AM RIGHT NOW….right here. Right NOW, as I AM thinking these thoughts, where am I, how am I, what am I DOing, AM I OKAY???”

Well, if I have the luxury of having this little internal SELF talk, obviously, I’m DOing okay enough to so BE, n’est ce pas?

Okay, big breath, sigh of relief number ONE.
Starting to calm down, anxiety IS waning, and my heart beat is balancing ☺

Then, I go searching through my mind for ALL the GOOD things that are coming up, and, if there aren’t any that I KNOW of as 100% assured, I go to the things that are potentials, and, I put my mind’s focus there.

Then I go on to what I can DO, in this NOW, towards manifesting these potentials, what I can DO and more over what I AM DOing, have BEen DOing, and AM supposed to BE DOing in this NOW, what needs to BE getting done right NOW, what something needs my attention right NOW, here in the physical world, as opposed to this illusory fear hang’n out in my mind and then……I go about DOing what I gotta DO, and I AM feeling Lighter, Clearer, dare I say, HAPPY.

And ALL this by simply playing a little leggo building with my fear, Amazing ☺

Here’s to ALL of WE building ONEderFull, Happy, fulfilling bridges to the dreams of our Heart’s Desires, manifest physically in our eternal NOW.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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