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Changing the World by CREATing new Neural Pathways

To Retrain the Brain, create new neural pathways that are of BEnefit to self and thus all, realigning our mind authentically, IS to consistently reMIND SELF that “I AM LOVE”, and thus to so BE.

Neural pathways and networks are established through experience.

We have an experience that is registered within our minds, “this happened, these thoughts and feelings within me were stimulated as a result and this was the conclusion of the experience itself”.

The ‘hard wiring’  [how deeply ingrained//how quickly stimulated] of the neural pathways has much to do with both the frequency and intensity of the experience itself to the individual.

For example, you do not need to be physically abused more than 1 time for it to have a lasting affect upon your psyche, whilst learning to walk may have taken several months to learn [repetition, repetition, repetition] let alone adopt a new neural pathway that identifies self as a ‘walker’.

Of course, the ‘hard wiring’ of any experience, mundane to intense, one time to many is also affected by that which is already ‘hard wired’ into any given individual both genetically and experientially.

Our past experiences and genetic coding ‘colour’ our responses, interpretations, and understandings of any present and/or future experiences.

Having said ALL that, we, as Conscious BEings DO have the ability to create and furthermore affect//change our own ‘hard wired’ neural pathways, both in altering ones that we don’t necessarily like/don’t serve our benefit as well as establishing new ones that do, and the best, gentlest, kindest, most loving way to so DO IS by REPETITION.

Soooo, if you have been told ‘all of your life’ for example, that you are a ‘no good for nothing, yadda yadda yadda”, you would start to change the neural pathway established around this sentiment and how it affects you and thus how you affect others by:

repeatedly repeating to your self that you are a ‘fabyoulous, divine, miraculous gift of love’ [or some derivative thereof] as often as possible and most especially anytime you are ‘channeling’ the sentiment you are seeking to change.

Furthermore, you would in addition to your repetition, pARTicipate in ACTivities that ALLOW you to express this new sentiment, surround yourself with people, places and things that reMIND you of this new sentiment, thus DOing all you can to foster the hard wiring of feelings and thoughts you WANT to BE stimulating your psyche and BEingness as opposed to those you do not.

Yes, we are that ONEderFully capable of creating, that we can and do transcend the negative into positive. By using the initial ‘negative neural pathway’ as a catalyst for our new ‘positive neural pathway’, so that anytime we think/feel anything to do with the sentiments of the ‘negative pathway’ they are automatically put to use to stimulate the thoughts and feelings of the new ‘positive pathway’.

And we ALL KNOW that when we DO anything to assist, upift, empower, enLIGHTen, heal, and inspire SELF positively we affect ALL others in our life, community, world, the cosmos,…..
HOW we CHOOSE to BE has causal affect upon everything that ever was, IS or will BE….ALL~ways.

Of course, we are not computers, we are humans, and unlike a computer that operates only on the programs it has within it, we tend to fall back to ‘older versions’ of programs we are seeking to replace or update and thus……do we require a little more attention, tlc and REPETITION than DOes a computer to ensure that we are in fact ‘uploading’, integrating, and emBODYing the new programs of our choosing.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat………

Blissings to one and all for the comfort, ease and joyFull creation [reinforcement, stimulation, embodiment] of [new] neural pathways embodying LOVE Consciousness.***

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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