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Conscious Creation

Okay, soooooo as we have all heard by now, our thoughts create our reality.

Okay, soooooooo if up to this very moment things have, in your life, been going according to you ‘crappy’, or any derivative thereof;

……IF… this very moment right NOW you CHOOSE to THINK that ALL that IS, has BEen or will BE in your life IS a GIFT (a good gift 😉 ) for YOU- even if unseen and misunderstood, even if seemingly or completely the opposite in your experience thus far,

your so thinking Will Change it ALL

lay the foundation and stepping stones for your ‘coming’ experiences to BE of like ‘mind’~kind.


EVERYTHING I DO, Everything I have experienced,
I DO experience and I shall experience
IS has, and WILL
create for me a life of blissFull harmony,
a life of fulfilled happyness,
a life of LOVE.

BEing who I am, as I am,
wherever and whenever I am
IS an experience for my highest happyness manifest,
my greatest good actualized and experienced
in every NOW, ALLways.*

My life IS a life of fabYOUlousness.
My life IS a life of Bliss.
My life IS a life of Easy, Breezy, BEaYOUtyFull BEingness.
Life LOVEs me.
Life and ALL that IS my experience thereof
assists, uplifts, empowers, enlightens, and delights me.

I am embraced, protected, provided for, nurtured and cared for by the LOVE of life.


What are some ‘mantras’….some “Thought Patterns” that YOU use to assist YOU to align with LOVE and thus so manifest your life experience thereof?

Looking forward to hearing from YOU***

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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