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Cultivating Authenticity

What we surround ourselves with affects our very experience of life itself.

Why do we hear constantly of the importance of meditation, hobbies, yoga, time for self, conscious breathing, or any form of a ‘spiritual, esoteric, metaphysical, conscious, self expressive’ practise of any kind?

BEcause it IS sooooooooooooooooooo easy to get caught up in the ‘small details’ of our daily lives that we easily FORGET (as we have forgotten from where we come from and to where we are going) the majesty of life itself.…….the magnificence, beayouty, awe inspiring inter connected intricacy and yet simplicity of all that is, ever was or will be….starting with ourselves.

Soooo easily do we lose sight of the humbling honour of existence in and of itself…….of the miraculous, magical, delicately precise, infinitely united whole to which we are all ONE.

As we feed ourselves our ‘daily bread’ must we feed ourselves our daily reMINDers of our miraculous magnificence:

~ read books, watch movies, spend time with self, express our unique gifts,
~ speak to others pondering upon these, our unifying principles of existence,
~ meditate, reflect, commune with nature,
~ observe the consistency between us and all that is- the ever repeating patterns of life, [ie; fractals, fibronacci, tetraderon, merkaba………]
~ ensure that in your experience of ‘daily life’ you are also cultivating your awareness and thus humbled, honoured gratitude for the experience of your daily life itself……
~ and thus elevate your experience of daily life to the magnificent divinity it IS and YOU deserve to experience it as- as do we all. ♥

Blissings Angels, one and all ♥

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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