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BE the DanceA perfect example of how we have been taught to see ourselves FIRST from an exterior perspective, choosing to see SELF through FEAR and Doubt, instead…..

Of seeing our SELF as intended to be seen, from WITHIN…..Know Thy SELF TRUE
Honour Thy Will
Of, for, through

Dancing and singing in the street, while listening to my ipod, sometimes, just the creation of my own vocals, enJOYing the moment of MY NOW.

There is simply nothing as powerfull, I have found for SELF, to be so smoothly and naturally lifted into TRUTH of ME, PeaceFull LOVing Serenity, than the sweet uplifting melodies of a songs vibrational harmony!!!

I must admit, I do tend to feel more comfortable BEing ME, in such complete freedom from brainwashed, instilled, for centuries, enslaving judgment.

Okay so here’s the thing. I’m dancing in my back alley way, listening to my ipod, playing with Shaman Jhanu, our BEautiFull Gentle Wise Dog, and I see someone.
I haven’t been out for very long, so I haven’t acclimatized myself as yet, to the freedom of BEing ME, I’m just beginning to allow my body the freedom to move naturally to the flow of the rhythm in my ears.
I realize, am able to see objectively, like watching me from across the street, in my mind, visualizes the physical manifestation of my SELF in FEAR.

“What”, I question, “are you so afraid of?”

And realize, the fear is the part of me, which thankfully, I do NOT give in to :), that is afraid of how someone else may perceive my free flowing LOVE BEingness, so openly in public.
As though, their BEing there is really going to interfere with my experience, as it is MY EXPERIENCE.
I’m all the way over here, in my own little world, having my own experience, playing with my dog, listening to great tunes and on my ipod and singing and dancing away. My tribute to ME, Daily!!!

No matter how much struggle is perceived, as we walk from one bridge to the next, we DO reach the next, ALLways!!
We are HERE!

Yes, so back to the experience of my particular dancing in the street NOW…..
I realize that our INITIAL REACTION to others, is to ALLOW their perception of US to out rule, weight more, mean more, Become OUR TRUTH, and forget about our TRUTH, altogether!!

We FEAR they may judge us, they may think something negative about me, what is of no importance!!! The mere thought of another perceiving me as negative, is so instantaneous, I have track backwards, from the FEELING of the FEAR to its origin to discover it!!

But the TRUTH is, I dance and sing in pubic because that allows me to declare openly, without FEAR, that I know the POWER of my WILL, I take responsibility for the experience of ME, in my every NOW, and I CHOOSE to BE HAPPY and FREE, I ChOOSE to Experience Life, in Gratitude and Appreciation for each circumstance of my BEingness. In every NOW, there is Something Positive to latch onto!!!
We have been taught to NOT listen to SELF, that BEing even LOVE to SELF is an act of disgrace and dishonour.
We worry so much about what is out there, how we will fit in out there, what they will think, out there, that we forget about actually BEing the experience of Right Here.

I know life can be hard, TRUST ME, please, I know! BUT, WE CHOOSE HOW to EXPERIENCE ALL times, experiences, situations, the good, bad, happy, sad, ALL, and thus define each as a result.
Is it a “bad” time or a “growing” time?
Is it “slow”, or is it “transcending?”
Is this a “rut” or “the most direct” way there?

How we experience our experiences are of OUR CHOOSING. It’s how we feel about something. How we feel about something is how we allow our selves to think about something, perceive it, interpret it, MAKE IT WHAT IT MEANS to US!
This is OUR POWER!

Now, IF YOU ARE following YOUr FREE WILL THROUGH, OF, FOR, WITH LOVE, how can you possibly BE DOing anything other than that which is BEauty and Grace, unto ALL, blessed the Gift of it’s, YOUr experience?

So, that is the KEY!!
It’s not simply “DO UNTO THY WILL”, but,

When YOU find YOUr SELF DOing something, ANYthing, ask YOUr SELF “WHY?”
Am I feeling positive about this, is there any negativity?
IF there is, “WHY?”
What in TRUTH are You so afraid of?
Will it TRUEly have any physically manifested effects on YOU or YOUr life?
Like someone watching me Honour SELF and allow SELF the FREEdom to BE, in LOVE & BEauty, through the fantabulous unifying vibration of Music :O)

Know WHY YOU HAVE CHOSEN to BE where YOU are.
See YOUr Power
Take Responsibility
Don’t BE Afraid
YOU’re DOing it anyhow……
IF you are doing through LOVE,
Relish in the moment, Relish in the expression of YOU!!
It is what we are all really here to do!
To be the Best ME, WE can BE, by LOVE SELF TRUTHFULLY

Blessed BE – Roni Lipstein

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    1. Julie (Reply) on Nov 19, 2008

      I woulda loved to have seen you dancing with your dog in the street. :-)

    2. Mark (Reply) on Nov 19, 2008

      Keep on dancing!