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Dealing with Personal Loss and Tragedy

Personal loss, tragedy, crisis, perceived failure, guilt, doubt, stress, worry, anxiety, depression…..

ALL these negatively perceived experiences can lend themselves to inspiring ponderings of self worth, self deservedness and an overall questioning of the purpose of life itself.

‘At the end of the day’ [as the saying goes] we know not from where we come or where we are going.

We know not the ‘big WHY’s’ – such as; why did this young infant have to die, to why can’t this individual with all their skills and experience get a job, to why do we exist as a whole in the first place?

What we DO KNOW is that WE ARE….. [to our perceived experience of reality anyways…..there is still debate as to whether we are or we are just brains in a jar or this is all just a dream, or…….]

What we DO KNOW IS.…..we are experiencing what we are perceiving ourselves to BE experiencing and as long as we are perceiving ourselves to BE experiencing this experience we call LIFE……

…..we KNOW when we make the CHOICE to BE LOVE, to BE LOVing, to Think Loving thoughts, Feel Loving feelings, Act in loving ways regardless of what the external circumstances we find ourselves experiencing are, EVERYONE BEnefits. From our health physically to our sanity mentally, to our spirit blissFully, BEing LOVE assists, uplifts, constructs, creates, enlightens, heals, enlivens, manifests the physical materialization of our Bliss expressed and experienced.

What we KNOW IS that when we Choose to BE LOVE we are Happier and Healthier.

Soooooo whether we KNOW anything else……..this very simple and very true reality we DO KNOW.
The question IS.……what CHOICE are YOU making?
The question IS.….how can you perceive whatever situation you are going through from a perspective that is LOVing or at least more loving?

Sometimes to wade through all the B.S. in our lives we simply gotta take a step back, let go of our need to dissect, inspect, analyse, or even fully understand and get ourselves back to the basics.

No conjecture…..
No philosophical debate……
No pondering, reflecting, assuming, etc..etc…

Just simplicity…..
Just a simple….what IS, IS……..from an accepting perspective that is bathed in trust and embraced in divine love.

Ahhhhhhhhh LOVE*

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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