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What IS “depression”?
[in the most generalized perspective]

Our mind getting stuck upon one negative idea…..cascading and snowballing into an avalanche thereof.

What IS the ‘cure’ for ‘depression’?
[again in a most generalized ‘grander view’ perspective]

A new thought of positivity, light and love…..

*Can you ALLOW your mind, your self to entertain a new thought of positivity, light and love?
*Can you ALLOW yourself to release from the negative, fear inducing commentaries of others around you?
*Can you ALLOW yourself to listen for and hear the thoughts of LOVE and feel the embrace of love?

In ALL situations in life [from depression to routine daily living] we have this choice in how we shall perceive-receive-respond to life.

Sometimes it feels more difficult than others to make this choice, and yet, ALL~ways it DOes exist.

Which choice are you aligning yourself with?

Practise DOes make Purrrrrrrrrfect***

Indeed, the choice to embrace love over fear is not necessarily always an easy one, and thus neither an expedient one…..this determination of ‘easy’ and ‘expediency’ is based upon how willing we are to embrace a potential alternative to the state we find ourselves within….a potential alternative that is brighter, lighter, more positive than the depressive state we may find ourselves within.

For example, some may willingly turn to self healing resources they are attracted to, such as meditation, eating healthier, exercising, etc… as an avenue by which they may journey through their negative thinking and find a way back to positive thinking or in other words, to journey through one’s fears back to love.

Some may turn to other indivduals, professionals dedicated to this very process such as myself, whether they be therapists, life coaches, spiritual advisors, enlightenement guidelights, etc… for assistance in allowing for alternative positive perspectives to be entertained and hopefully, embraced.

Buddah sat under a tree going through his negative thinking/feeling that he may heal himself back into our Authentic state of LOVE.

It IS a journey……… is anything in life……..

**A special note regarding those who have been cited as clinically depressed having some sort of ‘chemical brain imbalance’ there are a couple of notes regarding:

1. there is no way of proving a chemical imbalance in the brain unfortunately.

2. even with those clincially diagnosed has it BEen found that non-medicated and ‘alternative’ &/or lifestyle focused treatments which include healthy living, eating, exercise, artistic expression, meditation, social networking, etc…. to be VERY assisting not only in alleviating depressive states but sustaining healthy ones.

It is also important to recognize the depths of healing available from the experience of depression and for that matter any thought or emotion that is fear based. We have these thoughts and feelings because somewhere inside of us we are holding onto a perception of ‘less than’ or ‘not enough’, we are holding onto a perception that leaves us feeling unloved in some way, shape or form. These thoughts and feelings are our internal signaling system, a ‘red light’ indicator as to where we are requiring healing, where we are in need of expressed LOVE. Thus, depression and other fear based state of being need not be avoided like the plague, nor should one ‘beat themselves’ because they find themselves within a state of what I prefer to call, “depressed levels of HAPPYness”, but embraced for the gift of opportunity they represent, for the message of healing light they come with. ;D

All of our experiences in life have a full richness of opportuntiies within them for us to embrace.

However on the same note,…….none will disagree that our preference is to BE in a state of LOVE’s grace.

Thus IS it just as equally important to recognize the depths to which some may journey into fear, and the reality that the experience thereof need NOT BE such that we are so overwhelmed and consumed that we are left feeling as completely  defeated as so many do.


We do NOT want to BEcome completely consumed by these ‘signals’, these feelings and thoughts..…..we want to recognize them, hopefully from a detached objective perspective and USE them to heal, transcend and ascend.  Though…..keeping in mind that even if we do become consumed, there is always choice and the light of love awaiting our embrace.  ALL~ways.

Part of our evolutionary ascension is to diminish [soften] the range between our [intense] emotions, to find a harmonious balance, and thus ultimately walking and wakeFull [conscious] samahdi…….bliss.……grace….divinity within the physical actualized, materialized, realized experience, expressed, and shared.

Blissings of LOVE’s Light to ONE and ALL in our ever evolving transcendence into ascended levels of LOVE Consciousness.

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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