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Disconnecting to Connect

Sometimes it IS necessary to have a complete disconnection {such as that available through meditation} to recognize just how intricately connected with ALL we ARE.

Whether we believe it or not, we are never alone, never solely dependent. Just BEing of our Earth School are we provided shelter and food, which as a human species we have cultivated globally. We are giving to and receiving from each other constantly.

The food YOU buy in the grocery store IS stocked on the shelves by ONE member of our global family, unpacked from the truck into the store by another, purchased by yet another, transported by yet another and planted, grown and harvested by yet others BEfore ever entering into yOUR hand.

WE ARE a COLLABORATIVE unit, a global family, a WHOLEistic, mutually dependent ecosystem~~we ALL rely upon each other to BE…WE ARE ONE in so many more ways than we acKNOWledge.

Let us take a moment in this NOW to acKNOWledge, to ponder upon in gratitude the fabYOUlousness that IS WE.
Show and share yOUR LOVE today.

Blissedly BE
the TRUTH of WE
Energy Radiating LOVE
Earth Angels Divine
ONE Universal Family
within the Embracing Light of
PeaceFull LOVing Serenity &
ONE fantabYOUlous, Adventurous, Party’n Journey :)

In Lak’ech Ala K’in
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

it’s good to BE embraced in LOVE~~available to ALL of WE by simply CHOOSing to BE …………..LOVE ❤

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