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Dispelling fears, ushering in the New Age of LOVE

Life IS filled with Catch 22’s:

**If YOU want something…..FEEL it and BE GrrreatFull for it in your life, as though it IS NOW….and thus shall it BE. 😀

**You are only ever given to handle in life, situations that YOU CAN handle.
That’s an old saying, most of we are familiar with and translates to:
The stronger, more aware, enLIGHTened you are, the greater degree to which you are capable of shining light withIN the depths of darkness.

Those amongst we who have dedicated our lives in Conscious Awareness to BEing the Example, to shining our Light of Agape LOVE for the BEnefit of ALL, have in so DOing, made a CHOICE to face, in Conscious Awareness, that which we may label “Darkness” for the very reason that we have dedicated our lives to so dispelling the darkness [fear] and ILLUMINATING the light [love]. 😀

What this means IS……

Many whom are consciously aware in their CHOICE to BE a Light Weaver in this NOW of our experience of BEingness upon our Earth School are coming face to face with many circumstances……OPPORTUNITIES that are [again as we have so labelled them to BE] ‘bathed in darkness’ that we may DO what WE ARE HERE to DO……dispell our fears of darkness and ILLUMINATE our Lights of LOVE…….for indeed withIN ALL IS there Light……..even the darkest corners DOes there Light stream through. 😀

We are transcending through what the Mayans call “The End of Time”. It is the end of time through which we live by fear and the BEginning of time through which we live by LOVE.

It IS so that we may face the ‘challenge’ and recognize the opportunity inherent thereIN and thus are we GIFTed the ability to DO what it IS we are here to DO.

We are cleansing, healing, illuminating that which IS crying to so BE, and thus in so DOing are we so DOing for these aspects that exist in each of WE. These aspects of SELF we are NOT LOVing are that which CREATE these situations of ‘darkness’, these opportunities for us to Cleanse, Heal & Illuminate.

And…….how AWEsomely, fabYOUlously, ONEderFull it IS that we have each other to turn to, lean on, strenghten, empower, assist, uplift, & enLIGHTen whilst we are each individually, our own HEALing ventures on behalf of the ALL, traversing.

As difficult as it can BE to remember whence in the pit of what we are perceiving to BE ‘darkness’……


We exist in the TRUE STRENGTH of our BEingness upon SUBTLE levels – our Quintessence which IS UNSEEN……..[at least in this now to the majority of we – though MANY are awakening to SEE, feel and KNOW the WE that exists aurically….esoterically….metaphysically where in TRUTH our STRENGTH DOes emanate]

ALL this to say……….what you feel and think are extremely POWERFull!!!

Pay attention and be aware of your thoughts……your feelings.……the Energy Frequency of your BEing’s vibrational harmony as created by your thoughts and feelings and CHOOSE to CONSCIOUSLY send forth those thoughts and feelings that are uplifting, assisting, empowering, enLIGHTening and full of the Light of LOVE that IS our TRUTH.

_()_ Namaste _()_
In Lak’ech Ala K’in


I AM soooooooooooo humbled, GIFTed, honoured, BLISSed and in such depths of reverence for each of YOU ONEderFull Earth Angels Divine, for BEing.

Thank YOU!

Creative, Agape LOVE’s energy IS sent forth in deliberate direction to the ALL that IS WE, that IS ALL, that we may each awaken and see the BEaYOUty that IS, illuminating every corner of darkness and fear manifesting for each of WE individually and collectively, our HIGHest HAPPYness in our eternal NOW.
So BLISSedly it IS. 😀 _()_

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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