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Divine Communication

So the other day I wrote of my ‘hyper-sensitivity’ or ‘sensitized awareness’ which in truth, we all are/have….just some of us are more consciously aware/tuned in thereto, and others more subconsciously affected…… [ie: wake up in a yucky mood for no reason……..feel bliss all of a sudden out of the blue for no reason…….].
In truth, we are ALL ‘tapped in’ to one another and all that IS, ever was or will BE.
Actually, we are a lot like radio attennas picking up on signals from ‘out there’, everywhere around us, all the time, consciously or unconsciously. We actually pick up approximately 1 millions bits or for those into computer lingo, bytes of information per millisecond!! Wow*
Most of the information we pick up IS put into our ‘trash’ or ‘spam’ folders whilst that which we DO actually consciously recognize are those ‘bits of information/signals’ that our personal attenna is best ‘tuned in’ to/harmonizing/resonating with.

Hence why it IS soooo important to make the choice to consciously tune one’s SELF into LOVE. ;D

Once we recognize a thought or resulting emotion, it IS for us to CHOOSE whether or not we want to OWN it as our own. Most of us simply claim all thoughts and emotions that we experience as our own automatically, when in truth, this is simply NOT the case. It IS a choice.
Having said that, a lot of us have ‘turned off’ certain of our “conscious receptors” ‘cuz let’s face it, the atrocities that go on upon our Earth School are enough to incite anyone to regurgitate.

Soooo we have learned over the last many millenia to ‘protect ourself’.….the only problem with that is that we got soooo good at it [protecting ourselves] we actually forgot who we TRUEly are along the way, and have lost sight of our empowered state of authenticity, divinity, and LOVE behind this very strong wall of defensive armor.

Of course what can one expect when actions [even protective ones] are taken out of and through fear instead of LOVE.

Alas this IS the transcendence upon which we all are walking together now, [consciously or otherwise] from fear consciousness to love consciousness…from being protective to being love***, trusting, having faith, and CHOOSing to BElieve in the good, to pick up on the signals of BEaYOUty, of LOVE instead of fear, and the transcendence IS palpable to ALL.*

How AWEsomely Amazing***

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

If YOU are seeking assistance tuning into the LOVE signals and transcending from fear to LOVE Consciousness, see the “About the Author” section BElow to get in touch with me directly and arrange your own personal one-on-one journey.

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