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Eliminating Doubt

Welcoming the expansion
Welcoming the ascension
that which IS BEing welcomed in shall BE Bliss*

We know not [most of we] the ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘where’ or sometimes even ‘why’ something shall BE or for that matter IS.

Often times [not always] this ‘not knowing’ causes us to create ‘conditions’, ‘agreements’ if you will which we make with ‘the all’, ‘god’, ‘source’, with our thoughts and feelings……such as “i want this but………”, “if I do this, then….”, as opposed to “I want this and trust it shall be in the most fabyoulous way possible.”, for example.

In other words, having this trust eliminates the need for any ‘and’s, if’s, or but’s’ in our expressed visions.

Trusting what shall be, what we are welcoming shall BE that which we desire if not grrrreater than we could have ever imagined, eliminates any negativity associated there with and as a result, any potential ‘road blocks’ to their manifestation.

Negative thinking is destructive.
Positive thinking is constructive.

Simple but TRUE.


❤ Trust………

I trust that which I envision to BE for SELF shall BE made manifest in comfort, ease, expediency and joyFullness.

I trust that which I envision to BE through SELF shall BE of BEaYOUty, Grace and LOVE, and shall BEnefit ALL that IS, ever was or will BE.

I trust that which I feel to BE my personal legend in this lifetime, my raison d’etre, shall manifest as I envision it to BE or better & grrrreater, in greater ease, greater comfort, greater expediency, greater beayouty, greater grace, greater positive abundance and prosperity, greater success than I could have ever imagined.***

I trust ALL that I DO IS assisting with all of the above, in my life experience of grace, bliss, light, and love.

I trust I AM BEing and thus Living that which IS my personal legend, my vision manifest.***

 I am most grrrreatFull to BE living my highest happyness manifest, my personal legend realized, my vision actualized* _(l)_

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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