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Embrace yOUR Authenticity

Extra Extra Read ALL about it………

WE ARE ALL Earth Angels Divine.

WE ALL have moments, days, weeks, years where we can [have] forget[ten] this Fact.

That’s OKAY!!!

LOVE yOUR SELF anyway!!!

Patience, Compassion, Understanding, Empathy, LOVingness with and for SELF IS the ONLY way. 😀
We ALL f*&k up…….
ALL of us!

[NOW of course…to ONE that which IS considered a f&*k up IS to another a VALUABLE OPPORTUNITY for growth, IS to another, an immeasurable GIFT of Transcendence]

Having said that……
the ONLY way for WE to BE the “I” in “ME” we LOVE our SELF to BE, IS to BE LOVing to SELF FIRST!!!

We are ALL Angels of LOVE. ❤
WE ALL LOVE to feel LOVE, think LOVE, ACT from LOVE, BE LOVE.

ALL of us, ALL over this world, ALL nations, stations, cultures, religions, lifestyles, yadda, yadda, yadda, ALL of US LOVE to BE LOVE, are HAPPYest when BEing LOVE ‘cuz we are BEing our TRUTH, our Authentic SELF.

We have BEen conditioned away from this…….we have BEen HABITUALIZED to ACT outside of our NATURE.….
…..and it’s BEen something that has BEen going on for THOUSANDS of YEARS!!!

That’s a LONG TIME to have a “bad” Habit…wouldn’t ya say????

a little compassionate patience with SELF IS NOT such a tall order then, IS it???

In fact… IS with SELF FIRST and foremost where we BEgin to BE the “I” in “ME” we LOVE our SELF to BE…that IS our inherent Nature…….n’est ce pas?

BE yOUR own Angel of LOVE!!!

When ya f*&k up…….FORGIVE yOUR SELF….take notice, learn, grow, and MOVE ON in LOVE.

CHOOSE to see yOUR f&*k ups from the Positive Perspective of Opportunity, instead of fear based judgment, which gets ya no where but spinning aimlessly withIN yOUR CREATEd spiraling vortex of sh&!, and who needs/wants to BE stuck in a vortex of spiralling sh&!????

Pay Attention, BE Aware, BE Conscious, LOVE SELF!

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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