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There IS a fine line between feeling ONE’s emotions and getting completely lost withIN them.

The emotions we have, we have to assist us, like road signs upon our travels, they are there to BE used, not ignored, repressed, or exaggerated.

 Alike road signs, we need to ‘READ’ our emotions instead of simply succumbing to them, so we ALLOW SELF the opportunity to Receive the Gift of their BEingness.
We have BEcome an overly and far tooooo easily medicated, pill popping society, DOing ALL we can to repress and/or ignore our feelings, especially those that we consider to BE “negative”.

Thing IS, our emotions, negative ones included, hold withIN them vast amounts of insight, KNOWledge and guidance.

When we give our SELF permission to take a “back seat” to our emotions, to step back, out of the emotions long enough to observe them/read them from an objective perspective, we give our SELF the fabYOUlous opportunity to see why and where they are coming from and thus to HEAL if and where necessary.

It’s OKAY to experience what I like to call “depressed levels of HAPPYness”.….[as opposed to depression, which as a recognized label seems to get us more stuck than offering us the opportunity for healing].

Depressed levels of HAPPYness are merely our way of telling our SELF where we are NOT BEing LOVing to SELF so that we may so BE. 😉

It’s that fine line where we delve into the emotion and make the decision to either indulge withIN the emotion itSELF or……..find out WHY it’s there and WHERE it’s coming from.

ONE SMALL decision that makes ALL the difference……a difference that affects everything!

BLISSings sent forth that we ALL CHOOSE to USE our emotions as smooth, easy, LOVing catapults for our healing, ALLways.**

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
Roni ❤

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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