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EnLightenment = Paying Attention, can it BE that simple?

Okay, so BEing enLIGHTened IS simply Paying Attention…

or IS it?
“Simple” that IS.

Paying attention is NOT just looking, not just observing…..
for in so DOing are we AUTOMATICALLY discerning, attaching meaning, interpreting, for example: “this IS good for me”, “this IS danger”, “embrace this”, “repulse that”.

So the question BEcomes HOW are we looking?
Through which eyes are we looking through?
And thus, 
through which eyes are we interpreting what we see?

We DO NOT in isolation live….NOT even withIN our own Minds.

Even thereIN DO we have a cascade of different thoughts and feelings amongst which to CHOOSE from.
Even in BEing Aware of SELF and CHOOSing to “BE LOVE” are we CHOOSing to BE that which we are INTERPRETING “LOVE” to BE.

What IS LOVing to YOU may NOT BE interpreted as such by me, depending upon which perspective we are each, individually coming from. Furthermore BOTH perspectives CAN BE valid even if completely opposing, at the very same time regarding the very same situation……..and beyond this, for each individual CAN CHANGE – in other words, I may think A until YOU show me B and then I may think B.

And so, “enLIGHTenment as paying attention” IS actually:

~more than just looking but HOW are we looking,
~how are we interpreting what it IS we are paying attention to,
KNOWing that our very own interpretation can change and therefore what we are paying attention to itSELF IS:
~NOT what IS of importance
~as much as the meaning we are attaching to it
which IS MALLEABLE, therefore not permanent,

therefore enLIGHTenment IS recognizing that we KNOW NOTHING…

This leads us back to the question “What are YOU Creating?”, which of course leads us back to,
“DOes what YOU BElieve YOU are CREATing in so far as how YOU define it mesh with what another defines it to BE and if NOT, IS it still what YOU think it IS YOU are Creating???”

Which invariably brings us back to the reality that we KNOW NOTHING, we CREATE Everything, and the everything we CREATE IS a figment of our imagination.

Ahhhhhh the SPIRALING Melodies of we. 😀 tee hee

As we are ONE with ALL faculties of SELF…as our physical IS an expression of the mental as it IS the metaphysical/energetic, if we are in an enLIGHTened state so too would our physique BE in a state of homeostasis as well. 😀

**Special Note regarding Interpretations and Judgments:
‘Tis NOT ALLways about passing judgment on another person……

Once we are paying attention, BEing Aware, we BEgin to take notice of things, messages EVERYWHERE…….this can BE, for example, as simple as noticing a scotch tape dispense that has tape in it and the tape has some lint stuck to it…….

DOes the fact that ya noticed it mean something……IS there a message there for YOU? What IS the message that IS there for YOU or……are YOU just noticing a tape dispenser that has tape in it that happens to have lint stuck to it?

As our Consciousness expands, as we BEgin Paying Attention and SEEing we BEgin seeing MORE……….and in TRUTH…..withIN ANYthing CAN we find a message for ourself……thus the need for discernment [judgment] to a degree…..for we CAN get carried away in our interpretations of that which IS, as we do in fact interpret EVERYTHING……and our interpretation IS our Creation of our very life experience.

So, if and when confusion sets remember, ALLways ’tis better to NOT do anything……and let “life” show YOU ‘the way’. 😀

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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