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Expressions of you- who within you do you give voice to, allow expression of?

We are WHO we CHOOSE our SELF to BE.

Yes, of course, there are certain things ya just came here with and they are what they are, ya can’t change them, however……there IS MUCH which you may CHOOSE from that which you came here with [and were trained/socialized to incorporate into your beingness] to either give expression to or not.

For example, we all have the whole gamut of feelings coursing through us from elation to depression, rage to bliss. We don’t however choose to express all of these feelings, even when in the midst of feeling them in every situation we find ourselves, such as for example, if we are at work, it is highly unlikely that we would find ourselves having a temper tantrum.

How are YOU CHOOSing to BE YOU?
What of you are you choosing to give expression to?
What of you are you choosing to foster, to uplift, to expand upon, to share with the world?

Do you LOVE the YOU, you have chosen to BE?

Amazing thing…….we get to make this very CHOICE ALLways….in every experience of our BEingness we get to choose to BE who we WANT our SELF to BE.

Who do you love your Self to BE?
Are you BEing the YOU, you love your self to be?

Remember if your answer to the above question is “no”, YOU CAN CHOOSE right NOW in this very moment to CHANGE who it is you are choosing to be. 😀

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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