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Fear of Missing Out

We ALL have it,
We ALL take ACTions based upon it,
and as we all know by now, taking action based upon a fear is not a good thing.

[**please note I am not talking here about taking actions to do something we are really excited about, something that is healthy for us to do, something we have always wanted to do but may have been fearful to do, such as getting on stage in front of an audience and performing. The actions to which we are speaking to herein are those that are not necessarily healthy for us, fears that are not based in our authenticity.]

We ALL have Habitual BEhaviours which are not serving us, negative habits we CAN release ourselves of that are contributing to UNhealthy lifestyle choices, one of which is F.O.M.O – fear of missing out, participating in an activity we really don’t want to participate within or really isn’t healthy for us but we do anyways because we don’t want to be the ‘odd one out’.

What negative, unhealthy behaviours are you participating within?
What activities are you going ‘over board’ with because you are afraid of being the ‘odd one out’, or being negative judged by others, considered ‘uncool’ for example?

Is it too much partying? drinking? couch potato-ing, working, complaining, eating, exercising, ‘self help activities’, [yes, you CAN even have too much of a ‘good’ thing], surfing, etc…etc…etc…???

What Unhealthy ACTivity, Thinking Paradigm are YOU fostering that you KNOW is unhealthy and BEing fostered out of fear that you are going to commit to releasing yOUR SELF from?

We are in a ‘time’ of transcending ascension, a time of consciousness shifting from a paradigm of fear to love.

It’s about BEing Conscious
in BEing Conscious, BEing Aware that our Choices, our ACTions come from this place of Conscious Awareness.

From the itty bitty little choices like “what type of toilet paper do I buy – made from recycled products or high end cotton fibrous product?” for example, to major choices like “do I buy a car or keep using my bike?” and “if i buy a car do I buy a gas guzzler or a hybrid or an electric?” to more ‘global’ choices like, “do I vote for this individual or attempt to establish and participate in a new kind of systemic paradigm?”

Do I choose to BE a member of a sleeping herd or an awakened BEacon of LOVE’s Light??

The answer to the above question IS reflected in every itty bitty question.

What are YOU Answering????

Blissedly BE,
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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