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Facing fear, Embracing Self…Love

‎”… as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~ Marianne Williamson ♥

Awoke this AM with a revelation from my youth……

It happens to A LOT of us…especially in elementary and definitely in high school…..
Fears of BEing judged and not accepted by others for BEing ‘ME’.

I awoke remembering this feeling, this fear, of others judging me, not accepting me, not seeing me for me, or at least saying things that definitely were NOT representative of me from my youth…..and simultaneously remembered from my experience in life since then that……
those who did judge did so BEcause they were too afraid to stand in their own Light and thus projected this fear unto me.

A commonality….especially in our youthFull years, yet present through out our life times……stimulating many of WE- especially in our youth, to retreat and dim our own lights, and thus DOes the SELF Sabotage BEgin.

Alas… IS they who judge, bully, mock, and demean who MOST BEnefit from we maintaining our Light of LOVE, that they may eventually come to recognize this Light within them SELVes. :)

Ahhhhhhhhhh the “catch 22’s” of life….
We come here to this Earth School, each of WE a Divine BEing of LOVE’s Light, only to FORGET//become conditioned to perceive SELF differently… less than or not enough.

Then….we spend our lifetimes reMINDing, remembering, realigning our SELF with our TRUE NATURE….
or unfortunately for some, DOing everything we can to try to make SELF seem bigger and larger or smaller and invisible…..when ALL we gotta DO IS accept and LOVE SELF as IS….for WE ARE ALL that and sooooo much MORE than we give SELF credit for.*

We are NOT the fears of our conditioning, the habits of our illusory based thinking and feeling, we are LOVE.


We are the Angels, the Gods and Goddesses we ALL look up to as Divine BEings, those Divine BEings, ARE US!

We are the “HIGHer SELF”, the “SOUL” the “Light of LOVE” to which so many of WE are upon a pathway to “reclaim” and “reconnect” with, when in TRUTH there IS no need to reclaim or reconnect, merely to ACCEPT, embrace & emBODY, for that which we wish to reclaim/reconnect with IS Whom Each of WE ARE!

The feelings and thoughts of less than and not enough are the illusions of fear that we have BEen conditioned to BElieve, that have taken us away from WHOLLY emBODYing our Amazingness, and sharing unabashedly, in COMPLETE LOVE, celebration, joy and elation with each other … competition, no comparison, CELEBRATION…….JOY & ELATION* :)

It IS that we need to let go of these habitual ways of thinking, these fear based thoughts and feelings and ALLOW SELF…..YES! ALLOW yOUR SELF to embrace yOUR SELF as the Divine BEing of LOVE’s Light YOU ARE.

YES! It can seem strange and “Wrong” but that’s just ‘cuz that’s what we have BEen taught ERRONEOUSLY!!!

LOVing SELF IS NOT Arrogant it IS HUMBLE….it IS Honouring….it IS recognizing, acKNOWledging BOTH SELF and ALL OTHERS……for in LOVing SELF DO we recognize our TRUTH and our TRUTH IS that WE ARE ALL ONE!


“I’m a little boy with glasses, the one they call a geek; a little girl whon never smiles cause I’ve got braces on my teeth. I’m that kid on every playground who is always chosen last; you don’t have to be my friend, but is it too much to ask: don’t laugh at me, don’t call me names, don’t get your pleasure from my pain! In the eyes of Love we’re all the same.” Anon

In Lak’ech Ala K’in.

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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