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Facing Fears

In consciously CHOOSing to collaboratively co-create the life you desire to BE living, it IS helpful to consciously look at those things you shall NOT BE taking with you on your evolutionary journey, our ‘reBIRTHing’ into expanded vibrations of radiating light.

What fears, anxieties, stresses, worries, assumptions, negative thought based conditioning have you been taught, that you are NOW releasing?

We don’t release by ‘making pretend’ we don’t see.
We don’t release by ‘making pretend’ they [fear based thoughts & feelings] don’t exist.

We release in conscious awareness and thus gratitude, honouring them [fear consciousness] for the gifts they brought in providing the opportunities they did to heal our ancestoral lineage of negative thought/emotion based conditioning.

2012 was about Maturity……Emotional Maturity.……about learning how to Perceive, Receive and Respond from LOVE instead of how we have been taught to respond…..from fear.

2013 is about the emBODYment thereof, the manifest Shift in Consciousness. We are in the process of taking our lessons learned and putting them to use, from assuming we need to protect ourselves, that others are judging us, that they are competing with us, are out to get us to seeing that others are another “me”, that they too experience the same fears and in truth ALL we all are IS LOVE.

In so accepting are we able to adopt and embody our new LOVE consciousness paradigm and thus perceive, receive and respond to one another in like kind.

Let us have a looksie at those areas within self where we are not perceiving, receiving and responding from love that we may bridge the divide from fear to love and thus open the channels that have been blocked by our fears to allow ourselves to openly welcome, receive and embrace our bliss manifest.

Blissedly BE Angels }*{
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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