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Facing Fears, Opportunities for Healing

The heights of anger, the depth of depression…..

Swirling vortices of our fear based conditioning rising, rising, rising to the surface, filling our minds, every recess therein with their maddening cries for justice, acKNOWledgment, gratitude, equality, recognition, safety, security, sustenance, seeking, seeking, ALLways seeking,…….LOVE*


This IS the HEALing that we are traversing.

The “Mind”, “Consciousness”, “Ego”, “Soul”…..ALL are ONE in the same, just like ALL of WE…..

ALL are seeking, seeking, seeking the SAME reality……LOVE.
LOVE IS the ONLY Answer.
LOVE IS the ONLY way.
This IS the Healing we grow into more and more each day.

In order for us to heal our wounds we must “treat” them, and to treat them we must KNOW them.

You can not expect to treat a head cold for example if you think you have a foot injury.

It IS thus, that our fears have been rising to the surface, that they may make us aware of their existence so we may take the necessary and appropriate actions to transcend them into the accepting embrace of LOVE.

This is NOT to say that we need lose ourselves in our fears, that we need experience per se our fears as much as we DO acKNOWledge them, recognize them, and understand them, from an objective perspective that IS bathed in LOVE.

When we so DO, when we ALLOW SELF to acKNOWledge fear from a perspective of LOVE, we are able to accept these aspects of self we may otherwise loathe, and in accepting are we then able to DO that which IS necessary to release them.

If we are too busy running away from, denying, repressing or otherwise trying to ‘outwit’ our fears we shan’t the ability to heal them and thus let them go.

If you find yourself in situations that are ‘inspiring’ your fears to the surface, instead of freaking out over the situations, relax into them, as difficult as they may be, accept that which IS- if the situation has arisen and you are having to deal with it, so be it. ‘HOW’ we ‘deal with it’ IS where we make ALL the difference in the world.

If you do find yourself in situations inspiring your fears you so DO BEcause YOU Are Ready to face these fears and heal them, so Welcome the situations KNOWing that they are NOT meant to bring you suffering and pain but opportunity for growth and transcendence. Know that these situations as with everything in life Shall pass and how they so DO, the result of their outcome IS very much dependent upon your choice in how to deal with the situation, in how you CHOOSE to interpret and give meaning to the situation and thus ultimately how you shall physically respond to it.

Coming from a relaxed mind set, KNOWing ALL IS for yOUR HIGHest HAPPYness, trusting in the healing opportunities that are BEing presented IS a most ONEderFully positive, productive and BEneficial perspective from which to come and HEAL.

_(l)_ Namaste _(l)_
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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