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Facing our Fears, Letting Go and Moving Onward & Upward :D

There are major frequency changes occuring RIGHT NOW….frequency changes in the very fabric of ALL that IS, frequency changes that have shifted our very Earth School’s rotation upon its own axis,frequency changes that are ushering in the awakening, the enLIGHTening of ALL of WE to the TRUTH of our BEingness….

Lights of LOVE, ONE Universal Family, harmonies of energy vibrating continuously, in & out of manifested reality.

For some these frequency changes are stirring up and bringing to the surface our fears, and situations within which we are brought to face our fears, so that we may release them….so that we may CHOOSE to elevate our minds out of the conditioned fears of the last millenia and to harmonize SELF with the Universal Consciousness of TRUTH, of LOVE.

When we are indulging SELF in fear, we are emanating THAT Frequency into the pool that IS ALL…… long as the fear exists withIN, it IS like a virus that IS ready to attack at any moment and besmirch the BEaYOUty, the TRUTH of our inherent BEingness.

Thus must we face these fears and let go of them….however “real” they may seem.

We ALL need to come to understand that reality IS but of our CREATION, which IS but a reflection of our own VIBRATION….of that which we are sending out with our directed consciousness…..our minds……thoughts and feelings and thus attracting back to us.

Thus….if we no longer wish to experience these fear based situations, it is up to us to CHOOSE to BE our TRUTH,
to CHOOSE to focus on the positives in our lives,
to CHOOSE to BE GrrrreatFull for the BLISSings we DO have,
to CHOOSE to see the BEaYOUty that IS,
to CHOOSE to CREATE MORE of the same by CHOOSing to ensconce our SELVes withIN these vibrational frequencies of Positivity & LOVE’s Light.

YES! there IS sh#t in this world, in our daily lives, in so far as we have CHOSEn to define that which IS good, bad, BEaYOUtyFull & ugly…..but when the majority of we start emanating frequencies of LOVE, the sh#t will naturally BEcome obsolete….that IS the Power of our directed Conscious vibration.


When we ALLOW SELF to BEcome consumed with negativities, illusory realities based upon our fear based conditioning we completely miss out on, or….DO not relish withIN the BEaYOUty that IS infinitely abound in our surround.

That IS NOT to say that ALLOWing SELF to FEEL the feelings we deem “negative” IS a bad thing.
We have these feelings to signal us of where we are NOT LOVing SELF, that we may DO the healing and cleansing necessary, to ALLOW SELF to make the changes required, that we may BE embracing more “positive”, enhancing feelings.

WE have ALL BEen there, DOne that……
gotten into a ‘rut’, ignored the AWEsomeness that IS in our presence, that IS awaiting for our experience of BEingness to enJOY…and that’s okay. Forgive SELF. Getting upset with SELF for NOT BEing the LOVE that we are, for NOT enJOYing the BEaYOUty that IS, IS just more fear based conditioning {of not BEing good enough or BEing less than…} which keeps us exactly where we don’t wanna BE….in yuckyness, NOT enJOYing the LOVE that TRUEly IS…. Sooooooo, forgive SELF so that YOU may get on with enJOYing and relishing in the LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that IS who YOU ARE, who we ALL ARE!

Thank YOU ALL for assisting, uplifting, empowering & enLIGHTening ME continuously to CHOOSE to BE the LOVE that IS, WE!
To OUR HIGHest HAPPYness magically manifest in our eternal NOW.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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