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Fear or Love, our inevitable ascension into the Authenticity of our Divinity
This piece was writ whilst I was personally dealing with some pretty ‘heavy’, consuming, discombobulating emotions due to an external situation in my life:

Depths of Anger to the Heights of Compassion,
Justice and Pride to Understanding and Empathy,
BEing Right to BEing LOVE?
Like the Devil and the Angel shoulder to shoulder, ear to ear.

Each side valid, and justified by logical reasoning.
In, out, up, down, round and round and round and round.

Challenge or Opportunity,
Test or Mastery,
Aggravated Irritation or Transcended Elation,
Blame or Gratitude?

Just like that the pendulum DOes swing……back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and all the while here I AM experiencing each and every wave of opposing emotion withIN my very own BEing like a schizophrenic manic bipolar. [talk about labels!!!]

One side makes me feel horrible, about the situation, my life and mySELF.

The other, a Faerie Goddess Angel Queen of LOVE flittering above.

[“above” the perceived emotional wounds of the situation or that which some call the ‘ego’, and the situation itself….removed and yet pARTicipating within the situation at the same time, from a detached, objective perspective based within love and thus the greatest benefit for all concerned.]

And yet still…….between the two KNOWingly, I flitter, float, crash and burn.

ACTing upon either will change the course of my life and the lives of others.

YES*** our emotions…..our CHOICEs regarding our emotions are that POWERFull……..this IS the “HOW” we Are Co-Creators.

It ALL comes down to……[as ALLways it has]
Fear or LOVE

This IS the transcendence upon which we ALL find ourselves to varying degrees in any NOW and the base of our evolution in this Now.
We are transcending through an evolution of consciousness.
The learning, letting go, owning, not holding on to one consciousness paradigm that does NOT serve us [as witnessed by the countless deaths and division amongst our brothers and sisters] towards the one that DOes.

It can be difficult.
you can feel like a, [what was that label I used…oh ya-]
schizophrenic manic bipolar,
you can also feel like a Faerie Goddess Angel Queen of LOVE//Elven God Angel King of LOVE. ;D

and YES* YES* YES*
We are getting there.

Calm Detached Relaxation,
Accepting.….ALL the emotions as they course through us BUT……..
CHOOSing NOT to ACT unless ACTing IS from LOVE. ❤

Calm Detached Relaxation,
Conscious Awareness,
ALLOWing….……..the sheath of negativity to fall, the “strong ogre of hate” to dissolve, to back down, to Relax and reveal the Angel of LOVE that IS the Authenticity of each and every ONE of we.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in
Do Ra Mi Fa So La Ti Do***

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
Roni ~*❤*~

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